Who is Dutchiee?

Dutchiee (Ricardo in real-life) used to write reviews on the two biggest hardware review pages in the Netherlands. These pages are just for the Dutch readers. Dutchiee however decided it was time to branch out and go international. And for that… Dutchiee.tv was born!
@DutchieeTV (on social media) has been involved with audio, hardware and other peripherals for many years.

As a competitive gamer, products were often shipped to be used for gaming/livestreaming.
Since working a full-time job it became harder and harder to stream in the evenings. For the fun of it, Ricardo started writing a review with a mate of his, the GTX 1080Ti. He enjoyed it so much that shortly after other products were delivered. And that kind of developed into a huge hobby. In 5 years time around 170 products were reviewed.

With a focus on hardware, audio, gaming and peripherals, there is always a search for other cool products to review. From kitchen appliances to record players.
Dutchiee has a curious nature and likes to zoom in on products extensively…. Sometimes a little too extensive… but that aside.
A lot of readers also suggest products or even cars, what will be – sometimes – followed up on.

Why reviews?

Marketing departments work overtime to praise a product, but is it really as good as they say? With these reviews I show as many aspects of a product as possible, even the bad points!
Since Dutchiee has a full-time job (and a bit), there is also no financial dependence for writing reviews.

In short, Dutchiee’s tech reviews, a hobby that got out of hand!

What about guest posts?

Do you have an article  or guest post you’d like to share, let me know! If I think the article is indeed worth posting, then I will place it on the homepage!

So, with other words. Would you like to advertise your brand/services on my blog. You will surely get traffic and exposure from this website.
This blog is getting (tens of)thousands of visitors every month.
Make sure to contact me via mail or contact form and get exposure via my website.

How to contact us?

If you have any questions about the reviews, or if you have any products you would like to see in a review, please fill in the form below!


Do you have any questions, recommendations, tips or would you like to set anything up? Feel free to contact me by sending me an email or filling in the contact form below.

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