A Comprehensive Review of TCL’s Flagship QLED TV, the QM8 Mini-LED

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TCL has become a prominent player in the fast changing television technology industry with its latest flagship product, the TCL QM8 Mini-LED QLED TV. With an amazing feature set that includes the Google TV smart platform and a selection of screen sizes up to an enormous 98 inches, the QM8 is designed to compete at the high end of the TV market. Nevertheless, despite its advantages, the TCL QM8 is up against fierce competition from rivals like the Hisense U8K, which provides same performance at a cheaper price.

Cost and Accessibility

To accommodate a range of living room layouts, the TCL QM8 is available in four distinct sizes. Even if the stated costs are reasonable, keep in mind that internet merchants may be able to provide the QM8 at a lower cost. TCL executives have said that the 98-inch model, which has two adjustable-height feet, would be available before the end of the year.


The QM8’s design adheres to the current trend of decreasing bezels in order to optimize screen real estate. The TV has a stylish design and a tactile switch for the far-field microphone as well as a menu activation button that is positioned under the TCL logo in the center. The Ultra-Bass subwoofer is housed in the matte black rear of the TV, which may be wall-mounted using the VESA holes or positioned on the pedestal stand that is supplied.


Numerous ports are available on the QM8, all of which are logically positioned on the set’s right side. Ethernet, coaxial cable, antenna, USB, HDMI ports, A/V in, headset, and S/PDIF optical audio out are a few of them. Even though the TV has HDMI 2.1 for improved gaming, it’s notable that just one port can handle 4K at 120Hz, so there’s still potential for development.


Modern technologies have been used by TCL into the QM8 to improve the LCD image quality. On the 98-inch variant, mini-LEDs provide up to 2,300 dimming zones for precise brightness adjustment. The addition of High Brightness Ultra Direct LED Backlight with quantum dots enhances color and contrast even further. Real-time image analysis and improvement are performed by the AIPQ Engine Gen 3.

The QM8 excels in brightness, producing remarkable outcomes in both SDR and HDR content. Reaching up to 3,123 nits, the QM8’s brightness levels make it one of the brightest TVs of 2023, even if it may not approach the perfect blacks of OLED TVs. However, dim situations clearly show certain black level concessions.

Strong color performance is achieved, with a large amount of the Rec. 709 and UHDA-P3 color gamuts covered. The HDR capabilities of the TV are impressive, since it covers 76.58% of the broader Rec. 2020 gamut. These measurements help provide a bright and visually appealing viewing experience, especially in well-lit spaces.


The acoustic capabilities of the QM8, although not very innovative, provide respectable results. Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus compatible, the TV has a 20W subwoofer and two 10W speakers. Although the TV’s bass response is impressive, particularly at higher levels, the sound quality may not live up to audiophile expectations.

Video games

The QM8 is an excellent gaming TV since its input latency of 13 ms is less than the 20 ms required for optimum gaming performance. Even if it doesn’t meet the 10ms benchmark for excellent performance established by rivals like Samsung and LG, it nevertheless provides a fun gaming experience and meets the demands of the majority of players.


The QM8 remote has a backlit button arrangement and an orderly design, although being somewhat bigger than the current trend. Important features like Input, Power, Google Assistant, Settings, and specific app shortcut buttons for well-known streaming services are all included. The user experience is improved with the addition of shortcut buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Apple TV.


After recent discounts, the QM8, which replaces the TCL 6-Series, is excellent in features and price. Despite its brightness and performance, viewing angles, upscaling, and the lack of an ATSC 3.0 tuner make it less than ideal.

The Hisense U8K, which offers equivalent performance at a lower price, and other strong rivals give the QM8 a harder value case. Despite ambient lighting issues, the QM8 is still a decent choice if you want a brilliant screen and plenty of gaming options. Its compatibility with popular voice assistants and integration with Google TV boost its appeal.

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