A Journey Through the Ruined Beauty of Ender Magnolia


The haunting melody of the Ender Lilies lingers, a bittersweet echo in a world reborn. Ender Magnolia is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2021 Metroidvania Ender Lilies. Players will once again delve into the desolate realm of Land’s End.

The game was developed by Live Wire and Published by Binary Haze Interactive. The title takes players decades after the first game’s events, plunging them into a world reshaped by sacrifices and the weight of time.

Ender Lilies

Previously, the predecessor, Ender Lilies, takes place in a world devasted by the Blight. Blight is a cursed rain that corrupts and immortalizes life.

“Long ago, in the distant reaches of Land’s End, an unforeseen rainfall transformed all living things into frenzied undead monstrosities known as the Blighted. Faced with a calamity far beyond their understanding, the kingdom fell into ruin with no end to the accursed rain in sight.”

Players control the protagonist, Lily, who is the last White Princess with the power to purify the Blighted. The spirits of fallen knights accompany her. Lily is set to explore the ruined land and battle various corrupted creatures. Gradually, she uncovers the truth behind the Blight while seeking its source to end the suffering. Her journey makes the player understand the cost of both salvation and the cycle of life and death.

(Imagine Credit: IGN)

A World Reforged in Shadow

The Land’s End we encounter in Ender Magnolia is far from the one explored in its predecessor. The Blight has been eradicated. However, its absence has not ushered in an era of peace.

Instead, a new darkness has fallen upon the land. Lush landscapes have withered, replaced by barren wastelands, and towering structures are decaying monuments to a bygone era.

The world feels heavy with time. Crumbling remnants of the past litter the environment. Each cracked stone and rusted metal tell a silent story of loss, struggle, and the relentless march of time.

The game’s breathtaking visuals further accentuate this sense of melancholic beauty. The hand-drawn artwork, reminiscent of the first game, is even more detailed and vibrant, painting a captivating and unsettling world. According to Binary Haze Interactive

“Decades after the Rain of Death, a new journey begins in the Land of Fumes, where mystical powers lie beneath the earth. The kingdom’s desire for conquest led to the creation of the Homunculi, machine-like artificial life forms prepared to execute the king’s will. A recent resource-harvesting mission gone awry caused toxic vapors to emerge from underground, driving both man and machine to feral madness.”

A New Hero Emerges from the Shadows

Instead of taking control of the young priestess Lily, players now embody a new protagonist – a lone warrior shrouded in mystery. The new protagonist is known as Lilac. Details about their past and motivations are scarce, leaving players to piece together their story through fragmented clues and cryptic environmental storytelling. This approach intrigues and encourages players to delve deeper into the world to uncover its secrets. A Homunculi will accompany this time. As you explore gradually, you will come across rampaging Homunculi, but if you liberate them, they will lend you, their aid.

“As the Homonculi devolve into dangerous creatures, guide Lilac –- an “Attuner” with the power to purify those infected by the fumes — on a quest to save the kingdom.”

(Image Credits: Gematsu)

Evolving Combat and Exploration

Ender Magnolia builds upon the strong foundation laid by its predecessor. The core gameplay loop remains familiar, featuring exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving. However, the developers have subtly refined and expanded upon these elements, offering a more satisfying and engaging experience.

“Wield their powers to add 30 different abilities to Lilac’s combat repertoire in an enhanced battle system where she can equip up to four special abilities at once. Improve Lilac’s odds of surviving this hunt for lost memories by leveling up attack strength, HP, and armor.”

From the trailer, the combat system feels more fluid and dynamic compared to the first game. Additionally, integrating new abilities and weapon types adds depth and variety to the combat encounters.


Ender Magnolia is a stark reminder that even in the aftermath of sacrifice, there is no guarantee of light at the end of the tunnel. This beautifully melancholic game offers a unique exploration of a world reshaped by loss and the weight of time.

Ultimately, Ender Magnolia is a compelling journey through a lonely world. It offers a poignant reflection on the consequences of sacrifice and the enduring power of memory.

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