Age of Mythology: Retold – A Glorious Return to the Age of Gods


In early 2002, many of us were immersed in the legendary game known as the Age of Mythology. This game has been part of many people’s childhoods, captivating them with its real-time strategy and mythology blend.

Two decades later, the Age of Mythology: Retold is getting a remaster. It will resurrect the classic game into the modern era. The game will have stunning visuals, innovative gameplay, and abundant content.

World’s Edge and many other studios collaborated to develop the Retold game version. The remaster aims to give the fans another chance to enjoy the game in the modern era. At the same time, many new gamers will be introduced to this classic.

Players will choose one of four civilizations: Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Atlantean. Each civilization has its myths, gods, units, and technologies. The main objective is to expand your civilization by training armies, building structures, and gathering resources.

Of course, players will get an extra boost from the chosen gods to help them in all the battles. The game offers both single and multiplayer modes. So, you can definitely enjoy creating civilization with your friends.

The Great Remake

The remaster holds the true essence of the original game. Like the predecessor from 2002, players will choose their desired civilization. However, Atlantean civilization is added recently. The game mechanics of resource gathering, base-building, and army creation will stay the same.

“Choose your gods from the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Atlantean pantheons. Devastate your enemies by summoning powerful lightning storms, earth-shattering quakes, and even the famed Nidhogg dragon. Or call upon nourishing rains and protective Dryads to help your people grow & prosper.”

The Retold boasts entirely new 3D model animations and environments. You will witness the furious thunderbolt of Zeus in better animation now. Moreover, veteran fans are eager to see Odin unleashing his ravens and Poseidon summoning krakens in rendered stunning details. Each location feels distinct and immersive, from the bustling marketplaces of Grecian cities to the icy plains of Midgard.

Streamlining Gameplay for a Modern Audience

The remaster will incorporate various improvements to enhance the overall experience for gamers. The game mechanics will feel buttery smooth and more responsive. Moreover, the unity micromanagement and base management will be more intuitive.

The resource management will be more efficient as the visual indicators and gathering efficiency will significantly improve. You will be able to navigate your troops more efficiently now. The Pathfinder is improved to help you conquer battle more easily.

A Pantheon of New and Familiar Faces

One of the upgrade’s main stars is the Atlantean civilization’s new addition. This particular civilization is more advanced as they are the descendant of Poseidon. They have various unique units like Automaton and the versatile Myrmidon Hoplite.

Moreover, it also has myth units like mythical Talos and the fearsome Hydra. Their special forces will siege warfare and dominate the naval troops.

Retold also incorporates all previously released expansions, effectively offering a complete package. You will get a glimpse of heroes like Achilles and Odysseus. The existing champaigns have been repolished and rebalanced. Veteran players will get new challenges to experience.

Challenging Yourself in the Arena

The remaster also introduces a new mode that will have Arena of the Gods. This challenge is available for both single and multiplayer. It is almost like the players need to survive through a trial. They will be challenged to withstand a strong wave of fearful and strong armies.

” Challenge the Labyrinth in the all-new Trials of the Gods for single-player and co-op. Collect powerful Blessings, join your friends, and take on new challenges to overcome the Arena where the gods themselves do battle.”

Players need to properly harness the power of their chosen gods to overcome these frustrating trials. The arena will be one of the entry points to actually test your skills and strategies.

A Forge for Innovation

Of course, there are some good news for modders. Player can unleash their creativity and intrusive thoughts through modding. They can have their own custom maps. Campaings and even new civilizations.

The modding community for the game fosters a vibrant and creative environment. Whether recreating historical battles or exploring entirely new mythological themes, the modding potential opens doors for endless possibilities. The community thrives by keeping the game fresh and alive.


The Age of Mythology is more than just a simple remaster. This remaster will awaken many people’s childhood nostalgia, and at the same time, many new players will experience this game. The game will offer a journey through various renowned mythology. Moreover, players will be encouraged to unlock their creativity, skills, and strategy.

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