AirTag 2: Apple’s Upgraded Tracker Revolution


With its release Apple changed the way we track our belongings. This tiny tracking gadget has grown in usage for its capacity to locate the misplaced items effortlessly. Nowadays, rumors say that Apple is working on a new and improved AirTag version, a device it is known as AirTag 2. In this article, we will delve into the probable features and upgrades that AirTag 2 could feature and its effect on the tracking device market.

The Success of AirTag

AirTag is a big success of Apple which is not so obvious. Not being widely recognized, it has been getting slowly popular since its launch. Researchers claim that the company delivered about 20 million units of the AirTag tracker in 2021 and this number will double in 2022. The increasing requirement for AirTag implies that Apple will think of producing a second-gen product to satisfy customers.

AirTag 2 Release Date

As indicated by a reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the AirTag 2 production is likely to kick off in the fourth quarter of 2024. Thus the first version of the tracker is likely to be released by the end of 2024 or early 2025. Some users might expect a sooner release but Apple is well-reputed for its finesse in detailing its products. Currently, AirTag has a great success. So it seems that Apple won’t rush to launch the AirTag 2.
New Features and Improvements

Enhanced Precision Tracking

One of the speculated upgrades in AirTag 2 is more accurate tracking. The current AirTag already employs the U1 Ultra Wideband chip for ultra-accurate tracking. According to the reports, AirTag 2 will have a new version of its Ultra Wideband processor, compatible to the rumored one for the next series of iPhones. Hence, it may result in better performance of the tracking gadget, making it still better at spotting lost things.

Spatial Computing Integration

AirTag 2 may also offer spatial computing system integration, one more fascinating feature. Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple is planning a new ecosystem built upon Vision Pro with other peripherals integrated, AirTag among others.

It could imply that AirTag 2 will own upgraded GPS tracking, probably displaying the location of the tracker on a map in 3D-wrap-around view. Such a feature would be both great and really practical for users.

Design and Form Factor

Not many details about AirTag 2 design are known but Apple usually sticks with one design for many years. Nevertheless, this was allowed before only for the first-generation iPhone and iPad. Considering the fact that it is scheduled to start production in the latter part of 2024, there is still ample time for additional information to filter out as concerns the design and build of AirTag 2.

Applications of AirTag

Tracking Checked Luggage

With time AirTag went popular among travelers for tracking checked baggage on flights. Nevertheless, the term is rather disputed in this scenario. At the beginning, some of the airlines didn’t allow putting AirTags into check-in baggage because of safety hazards. Nevertheless, upon review by German risk-related agencies AirTags were deemed safe for storing in checked hold. This judgment has set aside travelers to identify their stuff by using AirTags and file a case against airlines if their luggage is lost.

Stalking Concerns

The AirTag being a great tracker device also has issues of unwanted tracking and stalking. Such systems are often circumvented2. There have been cases where AirTags were used to be tracked without consent leading to privacy and safety concerns. This has been countered by Apple with features like audible alerts and reduced time lag for separation alerts.

Theft Prevention and Recovery

AirTags are also crucial in the tracking of stolen goods and in the apprehension of stolen goods by the law enforcers lessening the number to them. In one case an AirTag placed in a car was used by a North Carolina family to locate and retrieve their stolen car. This is indeed a case in point of the dollar value the AirTag holds when it comes to tracking shoplifting and retrieving stolen goods. The advancements that are anticipated with AirTag 2, the device’s capacity to prevent theft and recovery should be better.

Criticisms and Comparisons

Trojan Horse Concerns

Fears about the employment of AirTags as Trojan horses for malicious tasks have been raised recently. A fresh exploit has been found, which shows that the lost AirTag’s phone number field can run any computer code on command, leaving the door open wide to cyber threat actors attempting to launch some sort of unauthorized access or attack. However, Apple has tried to respond to this problem and yet it shows the importance of security constantly.


Comparison with Competitors

Tile, a maker of the same type of tracking devices, has accused Apple of using technologies and designs imitative of their products. Tile claims that Apple holds anti-competitive practices and calls for the inspection of the lattes business process. The AirTag vs Tile contest has led to debates on fair competition and innovation within the desired device industry

Design Criticism

The constrain to AirTag is the absence of mechanical components for hooking up or securing the tracker to objects. People have opted to use adhesives or bespoke gadgets to attach AirTags to their things. Apple’s AirTag Loop is a solution but it has been called an “accessory tax” for being too expensive. We remain to be concerned if the upcoming AirTag 2 will overcome this design issue.


The initial AirTag from Apple has already made a splash in the market for tracking devices, so it is certainly expected that the launch of AirTag 2 will follow suit. The speculated improvements and new features could add to the capabilities of the tracking device, thus making the gadget more accurate and valuable for customers. There has been criticism and concern regarding AirTag, nevertheless, Apple has taken measures to address these matters and maintain the security and privacy of users. With AirTag 2 on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how Apple will keep on developing and shaping the future of tracking.




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