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As the Internet of Things continues to expand, the modern smart home grows more complex, requiring an intuitive central hub to control connected lights, locks, and other devices. Amazon’s Echo Hub aims to simplify this experience, providing a sleek, versatile control center that seamlessly integrates with your home ecosystem. Whether you prefer touch or voice control, the Echo Hub offers a smooth experience for managing your smart home devices. In this review, we’ll explore its design, features, performance, and overall value.


Design and Build Quality

The Amazon Echo Hub stands out with its sleek, compact design that easily fits into any room without dominating the decor. It features a 7-inch touchscreen display surrounded by a minimalist bezel, providing a clean and modern aesthetic. The compact size means it can sit comfortably on kitchen countertops, nightstands, or desks without taking up too much space.

The device can be mounted on the wall for a more integrated look, or placed on a stand for easy access. Its microphone array and built-in speakers are neatly integrated, providing clear voice recognition and audio output. Overall, the Echo Hub feels solid and well-constructed, making it a reliable addition to any smart home setup.

Touch and Voice Control

Touch Control: The Echo Hub’s 7-inch touchscreen display is responsive and straightforward, offering a highly visual interface for managing your smart home devices. The home screen is customizable, allowing you to arrange widgets based on your priorities, such as lighting controls, security cameras, or temperature settings.

The touchscreen makes it easy to navigate through different rooms and devices, set schedules, and adjust settings with just a tap. For instance, adjusting the brightness of smart lights or unlocking a smart lock takes only a few touches.

Voice Control: As expected, Alexa is deeply integrated into the Echo Hub. With its far-field microphones, the device can easily pick up your commands from across the room, even in a noisy environment. Whether you’re asking Alexa to turn off the lights, check the weather, or play music, the Echo Hub is quick to respond.

Its voice commands extend to controlling security cameras, thermostats, and other smart devices, creating a truly hands-free experience. The built-in speakers are clear and loud, ensuring you can hear Alexa’s responses without difficulty.

Device Compatibility

The Echo Hub is compatible with a vast array of smart home devices, supporting the Matter standard for cross-brand interoperability. This allows it to work seamlessly with popular brands like Philips Hue, Nest, Ring, and others, making it a central hub for your entire smart home setup.

You can control smart lights, thermostats, locks, cameras, and even your TV, all through the Echo Hub. The device discovery feature automatically detects and adds compatible devices, simplifying the setup process.

Features and Automations

Routines and Automations: The Echo Hub leverages Alexa’s Routines feature to automate various tasks throughout the day. For instance, you can create a routine that automatically dims the lights and lowers the thermostat when you say, “Alexa, goodnight,” or have the coffee machine start brewing when you say, “Alexa, good morning.”

Customizable widgets provide one-tap access to frequently used devices or automations, allowing you to manage them quickly.

Video and Communication: The Echo Hub can also act as an intercom, letting you drop in on other Echo devices around the house. You can use it to communicate with family members in different rooms or make video calls through the Alexa app or other Echo devices with screens.

Security and Monitoring: For those with smart security cameras or doorbells, the Echo Hub provides a central location to monitor live video feeds. It can alert you to motion detected by security devices and allows two-way communication through the screen.

Entertainment and Information: As an Alexa-enabled device, the Echo Hub can stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks. You can also use it to check the news, weather, and traffic or create shopping lists.


Overall, the Echo Hub is smooth and responsive, delivering reliable performance across its features. The touch interface responds quickly to inputs, and Alexa is consistently accurate in recognizing voice commands, even when multiple devices are used simultaneously.

Loading video feeds is relatively quick, though it may vary depending on the camera brand and your internet speed. Its compact size makes it ideal for multi-room setups, and the ability to customize widgets ensures you always have the most important controls at your fingertips.

Privacy and Security

Amazon has made strides to address privacy concerns with the Echo Hub. You can easily disable the microphone with a physical switch, ensuring it won’t listen to commands unless activated manually. Additionally, all communication through the Hub is encrypted, and you can review and delete voice recordings via the Alexa app.


1. Sleek Design: Compact and stylish, it fits seamlessly into any room.

2. Touch and Voice Control: Offers flexibility to manage devices with either touch or voice commands.

3. Device Compatibility: Works with a wide range of smart home devices, including Matter-compatible brands.

4. Customizable Widgets: Allows quick access to frequently used devices and automations.

5. Alexa Routines: Automates daily tasks with customizable routines.


1. Limited Screen Size: The 7-inch display may be too small for some users, especially those accustomed to larger smart displays.

2. Video Call Quality: Video call quality depends on the user’s internet speed and the device on the other end.


The Amazon Echo Hub is a highly effective smart home hub that makes controlling your connected devices simple and intuitive. With its sleek design, comprehensive device compatibility, and customizable touch and voice controls, it simplifies managing your home security, lighting, and entertainment systems.

While the display size may not suit everyone, its compact form factor, seamless automation, and deep integration with Alexa make it a valuable addition to any smart home. Whether you’re a tech-savvy homeowner or just beginning to explore smart home technology, the Echo Hub will help you keep your home running smoothly and efficiently.

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