AMS 2024 Welcomes New 3D Printing Sponsors and Speakers, Elevating the Summit’s Anticipation to New Heights

AMS 2024 Welcomes New 3D Printing Sponsors and Speakers, Elevating the Summit's Anticipation to New Heights

The Additive Manufacturing Strategies (AMS) 2024 summit is gearing up to be a transformative event in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, boasting an impressive influx of sponsors and speakers that promise groundbreaking discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities. Set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City, the event, scheduled for February 6-8, is poised to be a pivotal moment in shaping the future of 3D printing technologies.

New Horizon in Sponsorship

As the event approaches, the roster of 3D printing experts and industry trailblazers continues to evolve. Notably, Ai Build takes center stage as the Platinum Sponsor, bringing with it a reputation for groundbreaking work in automating 3D printing processes, especially in large-scale systems. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Ai Build optimizes print paths and material deposition, contributing to more efficient and sustainable AM practices. Fresh from a successful fundraising round with participation from Nikon, the London-based startup’s presence as a Platinum Sponsor underscores the growing significance of AI in advancing 3D printing technologies.

Adding to the luster is Norsk Titanium, stepping in as the Silver Lunch Sponsor. Renowned for its achievements in directed energy deposition (DED) of titanium, Norsk Titanium’s Rapid Plasma Deposition process has revolutionized the production of complex titanium components, solidifying its role in the aerospace and defense sectors. Recent qualifications for Airbus production further highlight the company’s ascendancy in the 3D printing realm.

Kimya, an expert in 3D printing materials, assumes the role of the Coffee Sponsor. Known for its extensive portfolio of filaments, resins, and unique composite materials, Kimya plays a vital role in expanding the capabilities of AM technologies through innovative materials.

Shining 3D, a global leader in 3D scanning technologies, joins the elite ranks as a Silver Sponsor. Their end-to-end solutions, spanning from 3D scanning to printing, cater to diverse industries, including healthcare, automotive, and consumer products.

The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) not only embraces the role of Silver Sponsor but also takes on the mantle of the Women in 3D Printing event sponsor. This dual commitment from AMT aligns with its dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing sector.

New Faces, Fresh Perspectives

In tandem with the exciting array of sponsors, AMS 2024 continues to augment its speaker lineup with key industry experts.Daghan Cam, CEO of Ai Build, is set to discuss the evolution of automation in the AM sector during a talk on the third day of the summit. Avi Reichental, CEO of Nexa3D, will provide insights into “How Artificial Intelligence will Transform AM.” Sam O’Leary, CEO of Nikon SLM Solutions, joins the CEO Roundtable on the final day.

The Standards session will feature Sam Onukuri, Retired Head of Johnson & Johnson 3D Printing Innovation, shedding light on the impact of standards on medical applications. Jesse Boyer, AM Fellow at Pratt & Whitney, will provide an aerospace perspective on the same panel. Callie Higgins, Materials Research Engineer at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, will delve into the discussion on how standards impact quality.

Cora Leibig, CEO & Founder of Chromatic 3D Materials, will grace the Polymers and Composites for AM panel. Mario Dimovski, Director of Innovation and Transformation at the Boyd Group and 3D in Auto Repair Task Force, will participate in the AM in Mobility panel. Laura Macht, from the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center, will share her experiences with 3D printing.

Two new moderators, Andy Davis and SJ Jones, will lead discussions on “Reshoring with AM” and “Trends & Innovations in AM Software,” respectively.

What Awaits at AMS 2024

With this powerhouse lineup of sponsors and speakers, AMS 2024 promises to provide diverse and comprehensive insights into the current state and future potential of AM. Attendees can expect engaging discussions covering a wide range of topics, including AI, material science, defense applications, and industrial strategies in AM.

Seize the opportunity to engage with leading voices in the 3D printing industry. Register now for AMS 2024 and become an integral part of the conversation that will shape the future of additive manufacturing. Don’t miss out on this chance to witness the convergence of innovation, expertise, and the limitless possibilities of 3D printing technology.

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