Anbernic RG566 Is Joining the Handheld Gaming Community Soon!


Anbernic is a Chinese brand that has been operating since 2017. The tech company specializes in producing and developing retro gaming handheld consoles.

Anbernic handheld gaming consoles gained popularity as they focused on emulating classic games from different eras. Gamers can emulate games from NES, PlayStation 1, and Dreamcast. Moreover, as it is an open-source community, users have enough freedom to customize their handheld consoles with various operating systems and emulators.

The open-source community gives a wide range of flexibility to gamers. It also attracts tech-savvy gamers who love to tinker with their devices. They also provide handheld gaming accessories like docking stations, gamepads, and portable projectors.

Anbernic has several popular handheld gaming consoles. Some of their most popular handhelds are RG351, RG353M and RG552.

Recently, gamers who love emulating retro games got the news that Anbernic is dropping RG566. The most exciting part is that RG566 will be able to emulate PlayStation 2 and Android games.

Leaked Pictures of Anbernic RG566

Recently, the Anbernic RG566 pictures have been taking over Chinese social media like a storm. So far, from the images, we can assume that the RG566 will be available in black and translucent blue at launch. However, several leaks hinted that Anbernic may release a white version of the RG566. The white version looks like it has a glossy finish and looks more sophisticated compared to other colors.

(Image Credits: Chinese Social Media)

Rumored Specifications

Leaks and rumors swirl around the Anbernic RG566, keeping retro gamers on the edge of their seats. So far, according to rumors, we got to know a few specifications for the Anbernic RG566.

The RG566 will feature a Unisoc T860 processor. It will be a step up from the T618 used in the RG35 series. The new processor will allow gamers to have improved emulation to play PlayStation 2 games like God of War II and Half Life.

The handheld console will have 6GB or 8GB of RAM, but this has yet to be confirmed. However, either is decent for multitasking and running demanding games. It will also have a microSD card slot to expand your storage for additional games.

Moreover, according to the picture, the display will be around a 5.5-inch 1080p OLED screen. The screen should provide ample performance for players to enjoy vibrant retro pixel art and modern titles simultaneously.

Apart from these, it is also confirmed that it will have a 3.5mm headphone jack to experience immersive audio. Additionally, according to Retro Dodo, an active cooling system will keep your device cool during intense gaming sessions.

Unique Features of RG566

The pictures surfacing on Chinese social media show that the joysticks are positioned asymmetrically. The asymmetrical joystick design appears now and then in many handheld consoles. Many gamers prefer the staggered layout for ergonomics and comfort.

Moreover, the translucent blue color gives the RG566 a cool aesthetic touch. Gamers get to see a sneak peek into the console’s inner workings. Many will love to add this to their collection as it truly showcases the art of retro games.

Another feature that caught our eyes was the chunky grips. The pictures show that the grips are chunkier than other handheld consoles. This gives improved stability compared to a slimmer handheld.

Performance and Price

Some reviewers who had early access to benchmark remarked that the RG566 could emulate PlayStation 2 games at a playable frame rate. This is a celebratory win for Anbernic, as it is a massive improvement from their other handheld devices. Moreover, the RG566 can also run Android games with decent performance. It will be able to run popular titles at a high setting.

The RG566 is expected to be priced within the $200-$300 range. The pricing will become a competitive factor in the retro gaming handheld market. If you are enthusiastic about handheld consoles that can run both retro and popular titles, it should definitely be worth the price.


The RG566 is expected to be released in early 2024. However, there isn’t any official announcement or sale date for the device. It is safe to expect Anbernic to announce officially after the Chinese New Year.

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