Apple iMac 24-Inch: A Colorful and Powerful All-in-One Desktop


For a while now, the iMac by Apple has been the model of a cool and memorable desktop computer, and on the heels of their new 24-inch model, Apple is bringing back the past joy of its original design. This all-in-one desktop embraces rich palette, ultra-thin enclosure, and solid performance based on Apple crafted M1 chip. This article, all about the Apple iMac 24-Inch, will focus on the details and specifications of the product. As well, its advantages and disadvantages will be discussed.

Design and Color Options

One of the beautiful aspects of the Apple iMac 24-Inch is the fact that its frame looks like a colorful design. Taking inspiration from the original iMac, the new model comes in seven vibrant color options: dark green, bright yellow, gentle orange, pink, deep blue, various purple, as well as silver. These colors influence the entire pieces, not only the back and the bezels, but even the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard. This harmony of color choices distinguishes the iMac from other all-in- one computers and gives it a unique look.

The slim profile of the iMac is another design feature that is highly remarkable. The tantalizing part is its thickness of 0.44 inches which makes it even thinner than some Mac laptops including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Eighteen point one inches wide, twenty-one point five inches high, and five point eight inches deep. 24-inch iMac’s dimensions are 18.1×21.5×5.8 inches and its weigh is 9.83 pounds. To be short, the iMac is compact as well as lightweight. However, the built-in battery reduces its weight but the charger still has to be connected to an external power brick.

Retina Display and Touch Technology.

The 24-inch iMac showcases a Retina display of 4,480-by-2,520 pixels with the resolution almost touching 4K level. At 500 nits and the capacity to display 1 billion colors, images come out colorful and sharp. It also involves True Tone technology, which fine-tunes the white balance considering the tone of light around the environment. Nevertheless, the $1,799 24-inch iMac lacks the high-end nanotexture glass option that was available on the previous model.
Another noticeable aspect is the lack of touch interaction in the iMac. Although numerous Windows based all-in-one PCs can boast touchscreen, Apple has opted not to apply this feature to macOS. Nevertheless, Apple presents a solution to this problem by introducing sidecar and other features for touch input using either an iPad or an iPhone. They do so by connecting an iMac’s display to the device, giving users a chance to interact with the iMac through their mobile.

Apple M1 Performance

24-inch iMac runs on M1 Apple chip which symbolizes Intel processor replacement. The M1 chip offers an incredible performance and power efficiency for the chip, making sure that the apps run smoothly and launches are blazing fast. The baseline iMac has eight CPU cores, seven graphics cores and 8GB of memory. Nonetheless, we examined the system with the newer processor model of M1 combined with 16MB of RAM.
As the 24-inch iMac was tested against other M1-powered Macs, it clearly displayed the M1 chip’s prowess. When doing the daily tasks and app installations, it is very smooth, even for the apps with the less optimized M1 architecture, they can run on the iMac though at the slower rate. On the other hand, users who will need more major tasks and performances may be well served with 27-inch iMac with Intel processors.

Webcam and Touch ID

Apple has made exceptional advancements in the webcam and input on the 24-inch iMac, which are now able to deliver to the customer more of what was needed. The camera now supports 1080p video with image processing functions enhancing, as a result, of more clear images and representing skin tones accurately. With this performance, they set the record for high-end webcams used exclusively on a computer.

The Touch ID fingerprint reader being inbuilt is another feature that is in the welcome group. Medical checks go far beyond scanning for signs of disease. This option enables users to securely log in without typing a password and gives him different ease for the cases where he does online shopping and something else requires approval.

Port Selection and Connectivity

The old version of iMac that comes with a 24-inch screen seems very pale in terms of its connectivity as compared with the new one with a 27-inch screen. The standard package of 24-inch iMac comprises only two USB-C ports, a audio jack and a magnetic power plug to name a few. More expensive versions take advantage of additional USB-C ports, but these USB speeds are limited to 4 and 3 respectively. The fact that only two downtide ports are available may serve as a disadvantage for people who are using multiple peripherals or displaying their data to external screens.

The iMac wireless side contains Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) and Bluetooth 5.0 that is designed for fast and great wireless connections. Meanwhile, it is crucial to mention that Ethernet port is not included in the network immediately and one will have to purchase a power adapter upgrade as an option.

Pros and Cons

Before making a purchasing decision, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the Apple iMac 24-Inch:


·        Vibrant and customizable color options

·        Slim and lightweight design

·        Impressive Retina display with True Tone technology

·        Powerful performance with Apple’s M1 chip

·        Improved webcam quality

·        Touch ID fingerprint reader for added security and convenience


·        Limited port selection, especially in the base model

·        Lack of touch input on the screen

·        Uncomfortable keyboard with shallow key travel

·        Pricey, especially when compared to the Mac mini with similar performance


The Apple iMac 24-Inch offers a fresh and colorful take on the all-in-one desktop computer. With its vibrant design, slim profile, and powerful performance driven by the Apple M1 chip, it is a compelling option for users seeking a blend of style and functionality. However, the limited port selection and absence of touch input may be drawbacks for some users.

Overall, the iMac 24-Inch is a statement-making desktop that excels in basic tasks and provides stunning visuals. For those on a budget, the lower-end configurations may offer the best value. However, power users may find better performance and customization options in the Intel-powered 27-inch iMac. The choice ultimately depends on individual needs and preferences, but the iMac 24-Inch undoubtedly sets a new standard for all-in-one desktops.

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