Apple Introduces New USB-C Integrated Stylus Pencil

Apple Stylus Pencil (Pinterest/@The Verge)

Apple Stylus Pencil (Pinterest/@The Verge)

Apple has unveiled a new version of its stylus Pencil equipped with an integrated USB-C connector. Users can access this connector for battery charging and pairing by sliding the rear cover of the stylus. One side of the Apple Pencil with USB-C is intentionally designed flat, allowing it to attach magnetically to the iPad when not in use. Apple suggests that this newly designed stylus offers varied applications for iPad users.

Bob Borchers, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, highlighted on the Apple newsroom page that the new Apple Pencil version brings enhanced features for digital handwriting and annotating documents. This USB-C Apple Pencil, priced at $99, fits neatly between the original and second-generation Pencils in both functionality and price. While it’s more accessible than the $99 first-generation and the $129 second-generation Pencils, it does not incorporate all their features, given its more affordable price point.

For instance, it doesn’t support pressure sensitivity, wireless pairing and charging, and the double-tap tool-switching feature. However, it does retain the hover feature and is compatible with the iPad Pro equipped with the M2 chip.

According to information compiled by The Verge on Wednesday, October 18, 2023, this new Apple Pencil variant is compatible with various iPad models, including the 10th generation iPad. Notably, this specific iPad model was previously limited to using the first-generation Pencil through a USB-C to Lightning dongle.

The Apple Pencil with USB-C is slated to be available from November onwards. With this addition to its product lineup, Apple continues to provide varied options catering to diverse needs and budgets of its user base.

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