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Apple will introduce the Apple Vision Pro Lite, a cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro, to make mixed reality experiences more accessible. This Lite version uses the Pro model’s revolutionary technologies to save costs without losing functionality. Mark Gurman, a famous Apple leaker, predicts processing power, display dynamism, and a well-planned price approach. As tech fans eagerly anticipate its arrival, the Apple Vision Pro Lite is supposed to democratize mixed reality and provide immersive experiences to a wider audience.

Apple’s Upcoming Action in the Mixed Reality Space

Apple ignited the stage at the esteemed WWDC 2023 by revealing the innovative Apple Vision Pro, a set of mixed reality glasses that are destined to revolutionize immersive experiences. The Vision Pro was heralded as a technical miracle because to features including the powerful M2 CPU, a customized operating system, and astounding 96 Hz microLED screens. But even in the middle of all this technical splendor, rumors of an even more reasonably priced VR headset dubbed Apple Vision were already making the rounds.

Apple Vision One: Innovation at a Reasonable Price

Renowned Apple leaker and Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman has revealed fresh details on the highly anticipated Apple Vision, which does not have the “Pro” designation. With certain anticipated feature cutbacks, it is anticipated that this affordable mixed reality headset would provide a strong substitute for its Pro cousin.

Performance Adjustments: The Essentials

The change in processing power is one important modification. Cupertino has shifted its focus to the iPhone division and chosen the Apple A17 Pro SoC from the iPhone 15 Pro in place of the high-end M2 CPU from Apple’s Mac division. A18 Pro, a possible successor CPU, may also be shown, according to rumors.

Display Dynamics: Reaching a Midway Position

Changes are made to the Apple Vision One’s display, which impacts the two Zeiss micro-LED lenses as well as the EyeSight outer panel. Interestingly, the basic headgear will not have the EyeSight display, which is responsible for projecting the user’s eyes onto bystanders during augmented reality interactions. Additionally, the internal flat pancake lenses will have a lesser resolution than the 23 million pixels that the Apple Vision Pro boasts.

A Cautionary Method of Cutting Costs

Cupertino is choosing to take a calculated risk with cost reduction in an effort to make the Apple Vision more affordable. According to Gurman, a number of cameras and sensors included in the Pro model would be removed, in line with Apple’s goal of producing a mixed reality experience that is reasonably priced. The details of these omissions and how they affect the user experience are yet unknown, however.

The Cost Mystery: Solving the Price Puzzle

The pricing of the Apple Vision One is the most pressing concern on everyone’s mind. Gurman’s estimations are conservative, implying a range of $1,500 to $2,500. Although this gives an approximate amount, the large $1,000 difference invites conjecture. It seems that waiting will be necessary to ascertain the true pricing of these stand-alone VR glasses, as aficionados anxiously anticipate the big reveal.

Consequences for Customers

With the release of the Apple Vision One, both customers and tech enthusiasts have a rare chance. The Lite model attempts to make mixed reality experiences more accessible while forgoing some of the Pro model’s premium capabilities. Because of their possible cost, VR and AR technologies may become more widely used, opening openings for a wider audience.

The Path Ahead: Waiting for the Publication

With the tech world on edge, waiting for an official announcement, we are navigating through the rumors and leaks around the Apple Vision One. Apple’s entry into the more affordable mixed reality market suggests a calculated attempt to broaden the range of products it offers and appeal to a more diverse consumer base.


To sum up, the Apple Vision Pro Lite is evidence of Apple’s dedication to accessibility and innovation. Although the Pro model represents the highest level of technical capability, mixed reality aficionados may look forward to a more inclusive future with the Lite version. The IT community is holding its breath as the release date approaches, eager to welcome Apple’s groundbreaking advancements in mixed reality and the next wave of immersive experiences.

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