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It will be satisfying to listen to your favorite music while seated in your backyard patio on a fine Sunday afternoon or have friends over for a fun barbecue dinner with excellent sound systems playing in the background. Each of the outdoor zones can get an audio facelift with the help of the Aster Sonus faber Natural Sound speaker. Now let us try to understand as to why Aster is the logical choice for enhancing your outdoor audio system.

 The Sky’s the Limit

Its name, Aster which is derived from Latin for star, accentuates the excellent performance the audio equipment gives during open-air events. From the terrace, patio, to the garden, Aster offers clean sound output that will spread to the farthest corner. It is like doing a performance with actual live audience in an open field atmosphere.

 Withstands the Elements

Outdoor speakers have to be built pretty tough, and Aster doesn’t let the side down here. This speaker is protected from the harsh weather conditions including rains, snow, dust, and even the scorching sun since it carries an IP65 rating. These are very functional and dependable speakers and you can vouch for Aster to deliver excellent sound regardless of the weather condition.

 Unique Design

Concerning the HSS design, it can be stated that Aster looks more like a work of art than a component of modern technology. It is aesthetically designed to be as thin as possible hence suitable for installation in any type of environment that is outside. The passive radiators located on the left and right sides contribute to the excellent acoustic effect: clear and resonant bass completes the overall sound of your tracks.

 Simple Set-Up

Worried about complicated installations? Aster doesn’t make it difficult with its aluminum mounting bracket. This makes it easy and safe to install depending on the programs that will be used. All you have to do is to fix the base of the bracket on the wall and then you can connect the speaker of the Aster using a twist motion through the bayonet connector system. It’s as simple as putting up a picture on the living room wall.

 Adjustable Tilting System

For you to get an excellent sound system settling, Aster comes with an adjustable tilting system. This ease-of-use feature makes it possible for users to tilt the speaker up to 15 degrees on this Scandinavian speaker. Tilt to point the front of the speaker in the desired direction.

Elegant Design, Elevated Sound

Comes in two basic types of finish and whilst it sounds the part, it looks it as well. This conforms to any outdoor setting and possesses a style of elegance at the same time offering sounds of great quality.

 ASTER Specs Highlights


  • Frequency Response: Power: 60 Hz – 32000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 88 Phons (2. 83V/1 m)

 why choose ASTER for outdoors?

Aster is recognized for its sturdiness, aesthetic looks, and amplified sound. It has to be weather resistant so that it could be used outdoors yet it does not skimp on audio quality. This unit’s design follows the modern trends and thus, when placed outside, it will complement the furniture and the environment; it is also easy to set up thus giving you your music without a lot of hitches.

 Enhancing Outdoor Experiences

From a very convenient and comfortable way of having your leisure time by yourself or having guests over, Aster makes your outside time better. Due to its volume being pretty loud it can reach many people perfect for parties and or serene nights. Picture a Barbeque with friends, amazing music that is as perfect as the grilled cheese; better still, the quality that is out of this world.

 Comparing ASTER to Competitors

After analyzing new Aster’s speakers in comparison with the similar outdoor speakers, one can conclude that Aster has better sound quality and weatherproofing as well as simple and fast mounting. Some of the speakers may need complicated installations while others cannot endure harsh weather conditions. Aster has a rather firm construction and its usage is relatively easy during the installation process.

 Tips for Installation

When deciding where to put your Aster speaker, there are some general guidelines that will help it sound its best. It is most preferably mounted at a certain height preferably where the sound could easily travel without hindrance. You should use the tilting mechanism to point the audio to the particular area in which you wish to listen.


The Aster Sonus faber Natural Sound speaker is one of the best investments that one can consider making if he/she is in the lookout for systems that can be used to upgrade their outdoors with good sound. Given the fact that it is stylish, easy to install and very sturdy, it can be used in terraces, patios, gardens and so on.


 1. How do I install the Aster speaker?

Installation is simple. Fix this with the help of the aluminum mounting bracket which is provided , to the wall and then fixing the speaker by connecting it by the Bayonet mounting system.

 2. What kind of climatic conditions can the Aster speaker endure?

Yes, the Aster speaker is water proof and dust proof with an IP65 rating, meaning protected from rain, snow, dust and sunlight.

3. What is the Hz response of the Aster speaker?

Aster speaker has the range of 60 Hz – 32,000 Hz.

 4. Is there any variation of the Aster speaker in terms of finish?

Yes, Aster is available definitely in two basic coat that enable it to reflect different exterior ornamentation.

 5. Does the direction of the sound from the Aster speaker lie within easy control for adjustments?

Definitely, the Aster also has a spring loaded system that allows the tool to have tilting adjustment of 15 degrees back and forth without necessarily requiring the use of tools.

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ASTER Sonus faber
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