ASUS AirVision M1: Wearable Multi-Screen Glasses Unveiled


Together with several computer hardware presented at CES 2024, ASUS introduced the company’s wearable smart glasses titled the AirVision M1. All in all, it is crucial not to confuse the model’s name, which seems to remind some of the Apple Silicon M1. While presenting many interesting solutions, the AirVision M1 really needs a connection to a PC or a phone to work, thus differing significantly from the Apple Vision Pro. So, here is what this device brings on the table and how it outperforms peers on the market.

 What is the ASUS AirVision M1?

The ASUS AirVision M1 is a function augmented reality pair of smart glasses that aims to offer a user a number of virtual monitors. However, to use this device, it is connected to a computer or a smartphone through a USB-C cable unlike some of its competitors.

 Connectivity and Compatibility

AirVision M1 has to be tethered to a PC or a phone to function. It is still uncertain if it will be features in the iPhone 15 but currently it interfaces with other devices to present two screens on the microLED panel.

 Display Quality and Specifications

ASUS has incorporated a microLED screen on the AirVision M1; however, the resolution is relatively low for 2024 standards. Resolution it provides an FHD (1,920 x1, 080) and FOV it has a 57 degree one. Lotus users are able to choose up to three virtual screens and control the size/aspect ratio of the said screen.

 AirVision M1 Vs Python & Tulip Apple Vision Pro

Both of these wearable displays are one and the same; however, they are used for different purposes in the present day society. The Apple Vision Pro can be used independently, and it also has a powerful matrix, while the AirVision M1 cannot work independently and has an application for connecting to the gadget. This makes a AirVision M1 more limited but possibly cheaper compared to the challengers from fellow manufacturers.

Usability and Practical Applications

It means that for all the performance-focused people, it would be possible to find the AirVision M1 to be a life-changer. Just think about what it would be like to have three virtual monitors, and all your important windows are always at the places where you perfectly consider them. This setup can go a long way in enhancing the multitasking and may therefore best suit people who have very busy schedules in their working stations.

 Design and Comfort

Nonetheless, setting its sophisticated qualities apart, the AirVision M1 has a structure that is somewhat large compared to a typical pair of glasses. ASUS has not divided the weight but the product renders do indicate quite a bulky design. It can also be considered as the major disadvantage typical for those people who want to wear comfortable and thin fitness trackers.

 Sound and Microphone Quality

As for the auditory feature of the AirVision M1, it has noise-reducing microphones and speakers as an addition to its vision feature. These features are ideal for the online meetings by guaranteeing good audio quality and eliminating background noise.

 Pricing and Availability

Currently, ASUS has not released the prices and schedules of the release of AirVision M1. Due to its dependency directly on the outside devices and various lower and more specialized features than the Apple Vision Pro, is predicted to cost less.


It can be stated that the ASUS AirVision M1 is set for revolutionizing technology worn on the body. It is very useful to have the capability to produce multiple virtual screens, so it makes for a great productivity tool, though it can hardly be used as a standalone device. Thus, considering the pricing and compatibility are awaited, AirVision M1 can be considered as a functional but limited solution compared to other strong smart glasses such as Apple Vision Pro.

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ASUS AirVision M1
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