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The ASUS ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint: A Lightweight Weapon for Discerning Gamers (Review)

For game enthusiasts looking for a light-weight and versatile wi-fi mouse, the ASUS ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint offers a compelling choice. This overview dives into the Keris Wireless AimPoint’s specifications, design, performance, and capacity drawbacks to help you decide if it is the precise fit on your subsequent victory.

Specs at a Glance:

Connectivity: Tri-mode – 2.4GHz wi-fi with USB dongle, Bluetooth five.0, and stressed USB-C connection.
Compatibility: PC and Mac.
Sensor: ROG optical sensor with a most DPI of 36,000.
Switches: ROG Micro Switches with a 70 million click on lifespan and push-in shape warm change sockets for personalisation (switches not pre-hooked up).
Buttons: five programmable buttons for in-sport macros and shortcuts.
Battery Life: Up to 119 hours (marketed) with RGB lighting fixtures off (2.Four GHz mode).
Charging: USB-C charging port (cable included).
Weight: seventy five grams (extremely-light-weight design).
Design: Ergonomic design with honeycomb shell for weight loss and Aura Sync RGB lighting fixtures.
Lightweight Champion: A Feather in Your Hand

The defining feature of the ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint is its notably light-weight design. Clocking in at just 75 grams, the Keris feels like an extension of your hand, minimizing fatigue for the duration of prolonged gaming sessions. The lightweight layout is carried out through a honeycomb shell creation, which continues structural integrity even as decreasing weight.

Tri-Mode Connectivity: Freedom at Your Fingertips

The Keris Wireless AimPoint offers great versatility with its tri-mode connectivity. You can pick out among low-latency 2.Four GHz wireless with a USB dongle for competitive gaming, Bluetooth 5.Zero for connecting to different devices like your computer, or a stressed USB-C connection for charging and uninterrupted gameplay. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly switch among responsibilities and devices with no need to bodily change the relationship.

Precision Aiming: A Sensor Fit for Champions

The Keris Wireless AimPoint boasts a high-performance ROG optical sensor with a whopping most DPI of 36,000. While most game enthusiasts may not always need this type of high DPI, the sensor gives awesome tracking accuracy and responsiveness for pixel-ideal aiming and smooth movements in fast-paced video games. Experimentation is key to finding the most desirable DPI putting on your needs and playstyle.

Swappable Switches: Personalize Your Click Feel (Optional)

The Keris Wireless AimPoint comes with pre-set up ROG Micro Switches boasting a 70 million click on lifespan. However, what makes this mouse certainly unique is the inclusion of push-healthy hot swap sockets. These sockets assist you to without problems update the switches with other well suited options (now not protected) to personalize the clicking experience according to your choice. This caters to gamers who have precise options for click on resistance and actuation force.

Aura Sync RGB Lighting: Paint Your Battle Station

The Keris Wireless AimPoint isn’t always just about performance; it also functions customizable Aura Sync RGB lighting fixtures. The lighting fixtures zones at the mouse may be synchronized with other Aura Sync well matched components to your setup, creating a visually beautiful and cohesive aesthetic. While aesthetics are subjective, the RGB lights provides a hint of personalization for folks who experience a visually immersive gaming environment.

A Worthy Contender, But Consider Your Needs

Here’s a brief verdict that will help you determine:

Buy it if: You’re a gamer who prioritizes a lightweight layout for maximum maneuverability and enjoys the flexibility of tri-mode connectivity. If you appreciate the option to personalize the press experience with warm swappable switches (extra buy required), the Keris Wireless AimPoint is a sturdy contender.
Consider alternatives if: You prefer a heavier mouse for better manipulate or do not need the extra capabilities like warm swappable switches and RGB lights. Additionally, in case you’re on a







ASUS ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint: Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each connection mode (2. 4 GHz, Bluetooth, USB-C).

2. 4 GHz: Gives the best low latency mode for gaming titles but necessitates the USB stick.
Bluetooth: Suitable for interfacing with other peripherals, however, potentially the latency could be a bit elevated.
USB-C: It can only be used wired and for charging purposes while allowing none movement in between.
While it is connected in a wired manner using the USB cable, is it possible to make use of the mouse?
Yes, you can use the Keris Wireless AimPoint even while it is plugged into the charger with the USB C cable.

Weight and Design:

Yes, the honeycomb design is very comfortable to hold in the hand even for long hours of use.
The company has successfully used a honeycomb design that lightweight but may not satiate the preference of every individual. Another potential issue some users have noticed is that of the mouse having less of a solid feel to it.

Does the honeycomb structure enhance or compromise the stability of the Tall Building?
While the core of the scooter is very thin and lightweight, the renowned honeycomb shell offers durability and stability. Though, they should also ensure that the extra pressure is not applied on the mouse in addition to the finger.

Switches and Customization:

It is really annoying how all the information that can be found anywhere is either already told in some corners of the current documentation or can be easily guessed The hot swap feature is rather simple so of course I will not need to buy additional switches for it
No, the Keris Wireless AimPoint does not include replacement switches that will fit right into the unit upon arrival. The flat and concave shapes are fixed to the switch housing while you have to buy others individually if you want to change the click sensation.

Are there some replacement switches suitable to be used with the Keris Wireless AimPoint?
Push-fit hot swap sockets installed in the Keris Wireless AimPoint design correspond to standard 3-pin mechanical switches. Some switching types are not compatible with others; thus, consider prioritizing compatible switches when buying replacement parts.

Battery Life:

How do I control the RGB lighting of my mouse and how long does it last when fully charged?
It is known that the battery life is 119 hours if the RGB lightning is not used. It should be noted that turning RGB lighting will decrease battery life added on the devices.

Meanwhile, as for how long it takes to recharge the mouse, there’s no information about this known yet.
Unfortunately, ASUS does not mention the specific charging time of the individual batteries, but as it was said the charging speed depends on the power supply.

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