Audio Pro C20 Review: Ultimate Music and TV Speaker


Do you need a speaker that gives excellent sound for music and can also be used to amplify the television sound? This is where the Audio Pro C20 comes into play and could very well be what you are looking for. The first device on our list of the best multiroom speakers for wireless home audio is a true example of a modern multiroom speaker that will never go out of style. Now let us expound on the features of the Audio Pro C20, and determining the ways and manner in which it differentiates from other speakers.

 Product Overview

The Audio Pro C20 is a wireless multiroom speaker which competes to the best in the home audio market. It is available in three colors: black, gray and white as this chandelier can easily fit almost all types of setting and interior designs. This is a speaker specifically developed to output sound that is clear and powerful for music or from a television set.

 Design and Build Quality

Now, one of the first things that will strike you with the Audio Pro C20 is that it is a stylish speaker. Thus, the fabric front, which is fastened with magnets, may be easily removed whenever you want for the sake of changing the appearance. Build quality is good and it tells you this is a well made speaker that should have some good longevity.

 Dimensions and Weight

The current evaluation of the Audio Pro C20 will reveal that it has a height of 196mm depth of 220mm and width of 410mm. It has a weight of 6. 2 kg, thus is easy to carry and place in various sections of the home. These dimensions help to avoid both the matter of the speaker being too large and occupying excessive space at home and, on the opposite, the matter of being too compact and barely fitting into the living space.


This speaker is equipped with:

•            2 x 1 inch soft dome tweeters for the high range frequencies.

•            1 x 6. 5 ″ Coated paper cone mid-woofer providing mid and low Bass.

Each of them performs to supply an accurate and rich sound at the similar time.

 Input Options

The Audio Pro C20 offers a variety of input options, including:

•            RCA in

•            Phono MM

•            TOSLINK Optical

•            ARC/HDMI

•            Bluetooth

•            Band 2. 4 GHz and 5 GHz

These inputs make it possible for you to interface almost any device to the speaker, including the conventional turntable to the contemporary smart devices.

Output Options

There is an RCA Sub output in the Audio Pro C20 for those who want even more bass. This also provides an option for input of a subwoofer for a louder bass experience of the sound.

 Frequency Range and Crossover

The Audio Pro C20 is a component/subwoofer model with a large range of frequency response; 41-23500Hz (+/- 6 dB) hence has a frequency crossover of 2200 Hz. This range will make all your audio ranging from the bass to the treble to be clear and vivid.

 Connectivity and Compatibility

Speaking of Outer Features, connectivity and compatibility of the Audio Pro C20 are one of the most noteworthy aspects of the speaker. It has Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect enabling you to stream your favorite music directly from these services. Also, it comes with its built-in AirPlay 2 and Google Cast seamlessly, allowing it to blend with any smart home smoothly.

 Multiroom Compatibility

If you have several rooms to cover, Audio Pro C20 is ready for this in view of multiroom option. It supports Multiroom Audio Pro, AirPlay 2 and Google Cast. This means that you can group several speakers within your home in order to create harmony and coherence in your home’s audio solution.

 Additional Features

Also, Audio Pro C20 Turntable has its in-built RIAA amplifier that enables the playing of music directly on the speaker from the turntable. This is good for vinyl lovers who enjoy their records with excellent sound since they can do so through this feature.

 User Experience

Some of the features that have received positive remarks from the users include the easy to install Audio Pro C20 and easy to control. It is perfect for casual use because you can swap from one sound input source to another without having to press any buttons – it is a professional audio machine. When you want to listen to some melodies while preparing a dinner and have a conversation or when you want to fully experience the sound for a movie, this speaker easily shines.


To sum it up, the Audio Pro C20 is the great speaker for both music and television listening. Due to the variety of input and output choices together with compatibility with different audio formats and streaming platforms, it’s an all-in-one solution for home audio. Furthermore, the design of this item is very elegant, and the material used is highly durable, making it to be the perfect addition to any home.

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Audio Pro C20
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