Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7 Review: Premium Noise-Cancelling Earbuds


Have a dull undistinguished sound and keep on interrupting your favorite tracks or crucial phone calls? As we look towards the horizon, a horizon of wants, needs and breadth of vision, say hello to the Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7, the truly wireless in-ear headphones that powers the now and the future. Equipped with premium noise canceling technology, better sound, and controls, these are the earphones that can be comfortable for all sorts of users.


The Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7 is out not another wireless earbuds’ pair. Because of its features and evident stylisation it can easily be regarded as one of the leaders of the market. Whether you are traveling to work, exercising or at home these earphones come with the best sound quality and wearing comfort. Alright, it is time to zoom in on the important aspects and find out more of why ATH-TWX7 is considered to be one of the best pairs of wireless headphones.

 Design and Comfort

The first thing that strikes you about the ATH-TWX7 is that it is stylish yet a compact unit. Coming in three splendid finishes, namely the Ash Black, the Rich White and the Stone Gray; these are not only beautiful but functional. Two sets of eartips, Soft and Standard, are provided to guarantee the user a comfortable wear during the day. non slip design at the base of the charging case ensures easy handling and portability especially for people with busy schedules.

 Noise-Cancelling Technology

ATH-TWX7 also has digital hybrid noise-cancelling technology, which is characteristic of most rivals. Specifically, thanks to the MEMS mics and high accuracy noise-cancelling processor, ambient noise minimised letting you to enjoy your music or calls to the fullest. The proprietary filter takes this a notch higher making it perfect for use in very noisy places.

 Ambience Control Features

As a special component of the ATH-TWX7, the ambience control is notable. It offers three modes: The three major types of communications headphones are noise cancelling, hear through, and talk through. The noise cancelling mode isolates the user from all external environment by minimizing the noise around him. The hear-through function enables the person to hear the surrounding noises and his/her own voice without having to take off the earpieces for a conversation. The talk-through mode reduces the audio playback and records background noise for expanding the vocal frequency range for improved communication.

Superior Sound Quality

As for the specification of this gadget, the ATH-TWX7 comes with 5. It houses 8 mm high-resolution drivers originally found in the ATH-TWX9. These drivers provide an extended high-frequency response and better sound quality which makes music you listen to sound more powerful. Furthermore, it is compatible with LDAC codec that allow playing audio files in 24-bit/96 kHz, which gives a clear sound.

 High-Performance Microphones

High-performance integrated micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) mics and beamforming make call clarity possible. The earbuds offer two selectable call modes: Natural and Noise-Reduction. As for the Natural mode it gives a more natural sound, and for the Noise-Reduction mode it reduces the users background noises for better voice calling. The spoken instructions feature makes it possible to practice your voice sample, and adjust the audio quality of your calls before dialing.

 User-Friendly Functions

Notably, the ATH-TWX7 is endowed with numerous convenient features for the user. Also, through the controls located right on the earbuds, you are able to disable the microphone during the calls. The soundscape function plays calming nature sounds to block noise to aid you in focusing or to meditate. The private timer function enables the user to manage time effectively; thus, it is convenient to use these earbuds daily.

 Battery Life and Charging

Continued use of the wireless earbuds is an important aspect that one has to consider when purchasing the appropriate earbuds. The ATH-TWX7 comes quoting a frequency of around 6. 5 hours of straight playing as well as up to 13. The package comes with a charger allowing 5 hours of use with the charger, and up to a total of 20 hours of listening. This guarantees that you are set for the day either if you intend to engage in either work or other related activities.

 Connectivity and Compatibility

The ATH-TWX7 has a multipoint pairing facility where you can connect two Bluetooth devices at the similar time. This is beneficial to the people who use their phone and laptop interchangeably as the two are distinctly different. Low latency mode, Call mode, Equalizer, and Codecs are other options that the A-T Connect app offers and allows you to turn on/off.

Additional Features

Apart from the above, there are additional features that users will find rather helpful in the ATH-TWX7 headphones. This is flexibility when it comes to two or one ears where one can choose a two ear or single ear listening from the two buds. The earbuds are protected from rain and water splash with an IPX4 rating that allows functionality in any weather and exercising. The included 30 cm USB-A/USB-C charging cable is also a plus.

 Color Options and Durability

The ATH-TWX7 is available in three sophisticated colors: A shade of Ash Black, Rich White and Stone Grey. The available options enable you to select the color that reflects your personality. Manufacturing is very well done, as the product is built to last a long time and sustain frequent and heavy usage.


All in all, we can say that Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7 is one of the best truly wireless in-ear headphones to capture the attention of the audience who are interested in getting the best headphones with unique features and better sound quality. Originally, the noise cancellation feature is excellent, and the set also has a compact design and numerous helpful functions. For either music listen or phone conversation, the ATH-TWX7 is fashioned to improve your listening pleasure.

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Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7
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