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The ATH-TWX7, music-Technica’s latest true wireless earbuds, has again taken the music industry by storm. These earbuds showcase Audio-Technica’s expertise in premium audio solutions and were unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The ATH-TWX7 promises a harmonic blend of active noise cancellation (ANC) in a sleek AirPods-like stickbud style at $199, addressing the frequent conundrum of consumers divided between extended battery life and affordability.

The ATH-TWX7’s versatility appeals to audiophiles who want pure sound and practical people who require crisp calls on the go. Audio-Technica hopes to revolutionize wireless with two voice modes, Call Test features, and a sophisticated ANC system. This article examines the ATH-TWX7’s call quality, sound quality, design, and seamless integration of sophisticated capabilities that make it an appealing true wireless earbud candidate.

Design and Features

ATH-TWX7 design and function demonstrate Audio-Technica’s elegance and functionality. Earphones inspired by AirPods’ stickbud shape are sleek and secure. ANC minimizes background noise for immersive listening. Design and functionality combine in the $199 ATH-TWX7 true wireless earphones.

Beyond its elegance, the ATH-TWX7’s groundbreaking functionality matches modern consumers’ needs. Audio-Technica’s Natural and Noise Reduction call modes allow good communication in many situations. Call assess in the companion app lets customers test microphone performance before calls, providing customer convenience. Luxury design, Bluetooth multipoint pairing, adjustable audio presets, and five-band EQ for manual adjustments make the ATH-TWX7 a flexible true wireless earphone.

Crystal Clear Calls

Bluetooth earphones are useful for hands-free communication in addition to being a great music player. Audio-Technica has concentrated on improving call quality with the ATH-TWX7 in recognition of this. Natural and Noise Reduction are the two speech options available for calls on the earphones. In any setting, these settings are designed to guarantee pristine speech quality.

Among the company’s companion app’s noteworthy features is the Call Test. As a useful method of assessing the microphone performance, this enables users to record up to 10 seconds of audio before to placing a call. The Natural Mode outperformed the Noise Reduction Mode in our practical test, even if the latter slightly compromised the quality of the voice.

Impeccable Sound Quality

With its 5.8mm high-resolution speakers and 24-bit/96 kHz LDAC audio, the Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7 redefines sound quality. The result is a sonic world that transcends genres, with clean, warm music that is typical of music-Technica. The earphones capture delicate elements like string noise in country songs and upright bass texture, giving an immersive and stimulating musical experience.

Besides its great default tuning, the ATH-TWX7 lets customers customize their audio experience. Four audio presets and a five-band EQ let listeners customize the earphones to their tastes. The ATH-TWX7’s configurable audio choices let you hear your music the way you want, whether you want bass, clear highs, or a balanced soundstage. The ATH-TWX7’s dedication to sound quality makes it a top-tier true wireless earphone.

Advanced ANC and Hear-Through Technology

Active noise cancellation (ANC) technology is built into the ATH-TWX7, effectively canceling out surrounding noise. The hotel’s noisy A/C unit was effectively muted by the ANC system during our test, making for a more engaging listening experience. The earphones also have a transparency or Hear-Through mode that can be used by tapping the left earbud for a prolonged amount of time. The Hear-Through mode has a natural sounding profile, however it doesn’t quite match the quality of Apple’s AirPods.

A prolonged tap on the right earbud activates Audio-Technica’s Talk-Through feature, which adds convenience. This function highlights human voices by pausing or reducing the volume of the information. Depending on whether they would rather reduce noise or improve environmental sound pickup, users can select between two settings: Natural and Strong.

Comfortable Fit and User-Friendly Controls

Users will be able to listen to their favorite music for longer periods of time without experiencing any discomfort thanks to the ATH-TWX7’s tiny design, which also fits comfortably. Enhancing the entire user experience is the availability of two types of ear tips: standard for a secure fit and soft for comfort. Even more user-friendly playback and volume adjustments are accessible through the little tactile buttons on the earbuds.

Among its noteworthy features is Bluetooth multipoint connection, which enables seamless device switching. For people who use several devices during the day, this increases the earphones’ adaptability. An individual can enjoy up to 6.5 hours of listening time on a single charge with the wireless charging case, which enables two more full charges.


Gray, white, and black are the three fashionable color options that the Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7 is currently offered in. Sound enthusiasts and general users alike will find this most recent addition to Audio-Technica’s true wireless portfolio to be a stylish blend of state-of-the-art technology and functionality.


To sum up, the ATH-TWX7 exemplifies Audio-Technica’s dedication to providing a comprehensive bundle of excellent audio quality, elegant design, and useful functionality. The ATH-TWX7 is a notable competitor in the true wireless earbud industry, regardless of whether you’re a music enthusiast or someone who depends on earbuds for communication while on the go.

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