AWOL Vision Unveils Vanish Laser

News AWOL Vision Unveils Vanish Laser

AWOL Vision is a shining example of innovation in the fast-paced world of home entertainment, where the need for larger-than-life cinematic experiences frequently clashes with space limitations and design aesthetics. The brand’s newest innovation, the Vanish Laser TV, breaks beyond conventional norms by providing a 100″ 4K movie screen that blends seamlessly into any environment and offers a visual feast that matches standard arrangements.

The Vanish: A Fusion of Style and Innovation

AWOL Vision’s Vanish is distinguished by its clever combination of style and technology. A motorized rolling screen and the LTV-3500 short-throw laser projector work in perfect harmony to provide a symbiotic dance of parts. When the system is turned on, the screen rises elegantly from the bottom, and the projector glides out of its covert container. The result of the synchronization is an immersive movie experience that redefines the traditional home theater setup by appearing mysteriously and disappearing just as effortlessly.

Modular Architecture for Simple Installation

The modular architecture of the Vanish demonstrates AWOL Vision’s dedication to creating user-friendly experiences. This elegant Smart Cabinet, a 100″ motorized rising screen, and an LTV-3500 projector make up this home theater package, which comes in five easily transportable boxes. Its divided cabinet layout not only makes installation easier and allows it to fit in areas where regular flat-screens might not fit well, but it also makes for a stress-free, do-it-yourself installation on location, which sets it apart from the hassles of setting up a television of a similar size.

RGB Laser Technology: Enthralling Colors

The LTV-3500, a true RGB triple-laser projector praised for providing unmatched color accuracy in home projection, is the brains behind the Vanish. This projector, which has three HDMI 2.0b connections supporting 4K and HDR, including Dolby Vision, is proof of AWOL Vision’s dedication to offering an all-inclusive ultra short-throw RGB laser solution.

Enhancing the Visual Appeal

The Vanish Laser TV is a game-changer thanks to its innovative use of laser dimming technology, which dramatically boosts contrast and contributes to an amazing improvement in image clarity. This entertainment powerhouse is properly positioned among the finest in the field of ultra short-throw RGB laser projectors because it supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, Dolby Atmos, and active 3D.

Integration of Smart Rooms

With a smooth integration into Control4, a top smart home automation system, AWOL Vision has embraced the future. Through this cutting-edge platform, users can easily control power, volume, HDMI source switching, and more, guaranteeing a cohesive and user-friendly entertainment experience.

Motorized Rising Screen: Superior 100 ALR Projection

A demonstration of AWOL Vision’s dedication to excellence, the 100″ ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) rising projection screen is housed in a free-standing, motorized enclosure. With its 170-degree viewing angle and 95% rejection of overhead ambient light, this screen makes sure that the image is always bright and clear, even in well-lit areas.

Immersive Elements for Each Sensational Pleasure Cinematic 3D Display
Cinematic 3D Display

When paired with active shutter DLP link 3D glasses, the Vanish Laser TV transports viewers into a 3D movie experience, regardless of whether the content is streamed or available on Blu-ray.

MEMC Systems

Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology is revolutionary for content transitions, ensuring fluid images perfect for action movie fans and sports fans who expect clarity in fast-moving scenes.

Switch to Game Mode

Gamers will love the Game Mode, which offers a previously unheard-of 30 ms time lag in 4K and 17 ms in 1080P. This guarantees a visually spectacular and easy-on-the-eyes real-time gaming experience, enabling prolonged engagement without worry.

Personalization and Easy Access

Since every person has different tastes, AWOL Vision provides customization choices to guarantee that the Vanish Laser TV blends in well with any interior design. For aficionados around the country, the fantasy of upgrading their home theater has become a reality with the inclusion of free express shipping to every zip code in the US.


Vanishing Laser TVs from AWOL are more than simply a commodity; they’re custom-made cinematic experiences. After order processing, delivery usually takes sixty days, during which time each product is painstakingly constructed and tested. The LTV-3500 projector, a choice of 100″ or 120″ Vanish screens, and the advanced Smart Cabinet are all included in the price. Transform your living area into a private theater of your dreams by embracing the future of home entertainment with AWOL Vision’s Vanish Laser TV, where innovation, elegance, and cinematic brilliance collide.

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