Ayaneo Flip DS: Dual-Screen Powerhouse


The handheld gaming PC market is no stranger to innovation. Hence, Ayaneo made another grand entry with their Flip DS. It is a dual-screen handheld PC aiming to redefine portable gaming.

It was announced in 2022 and is expected to ship in March 2024. The device grabbed attention with its unconventional design and promises of unmatched versatility. Ayaneo wanted to recreate the golden era of DS gaming devices. So, gamers who loved the Nintendo DS might find this intriguing.

The Dual-Screen Wonder

The clamshell design and two distinct screens make the Ayaneo Flip DS different from other handhelds. The main 6-inch IPS display boasts a full HD resolution (1920×1080) for crisp visuals. Meanwhile, the secondary 3.2-inch IPS screen offers a 480p resolution suitable for various functionalities. Both screens support multi-touch input, adding another layer of interaction.

Ayaneo is the only one to introduce the first 7-inch 120Hz handheld screen. The display ensures smooth daily gaming sessions. Apart from the high refresh rate, the device has 314PPI, 400nits of brightness, and a 1200:1 contrast ratio.

The Flip DS packs an AMD Ryzen 7 8840U processor. The same Radeon 780M IGPU also powers the ASUS ROG ALLY. Moreover, storage options range from 512GB to a whopping 2TB PCIe SSD, providing ample space for your game library and media.

OCuLink Interface

Ayaneo handhelds now have the OCuLink SFF 8612 interface and PCle 4×4 direction connection. Gamers can enjoy an effective bandwidth of up to 64Gbps.

You can utilize the OCuLink interface to transform your setup into a multifunctional docking station to transform it into a professional workstation. Due to this feature, your transfer bandwidth can reach up to 7.8GB/s. It shows a 50% improvement in performance compared to a direct USB4 connection. As a result, it enables you to outsource external graphics to play demanding AAA games. Ayaneo also mentioned

“It is recommended to connect both OCuLink and USB4 ports simultaneously, with the OCuLink interface delivering comprehensive external graphics card performance and the USB4 interface serving for power supply and data transmission.”

Controller Layout

One of the most essential parts of a handheld is to have a good controller layout. Ayaneo Flip DS integrated a left and right layout for the controls. It also looks like your generic handheld gaming device. On the right side, you have your usual ABXY buttons; on the right, you have your D-pad. Joysticks are present on both sides.

The joystick is designed to not interfere when you switch to the buttons. As gamers, we know it is frustrating if your game gets interrupted due to clunky buttons. Moreover, the joystick will not stick to your screen when you close the device.

All the buttons are at a reasonable distance from each other. As a result, you can switch around the buttons without any significant movement. This design is also ergonomic for your thumbs, as only slight movement is needed.

Air Cooling

Ayaneo introduces VC heat distribution plate technology for their Windows handheld. The Flip DS has a compact body with limited space, so they had to get innovative with it. The device combines VC heat distribution technology with PC-size heat dissipation. The heat dissipation can reach up to 28W in performance. As Ayaneo said:

“The AYANEO FLIP series introduces VC liquid cooling technology for the first time in a Windows handheld console, with a 6243mm² VC heatsink and 27189mm² heatsink fins combined with a high-performance PC-grade turbo fan. This setup achieves a robust 28W TDP performance release, making it the performance king among current flip Windows handheld consoles.”

AYASpace Convenience

The secondary screen is convenient for switching to AYASpace. The AYASpace is the official frontend and game launcher software. It comes pre-installed and acts as the main hub for your gaming experiences.

It can allow you to access quick performance settings like adjusting TDP, fan strategies and check your game performance. Secondly, you can get quick access to settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other practical functions. You can also launch quick apps on the second screen during gaming.

Dual-Screen Potential Unbound

The Flip DS’s defining feature is the dual-screen design, unlocking various possibilities. Here’s a glimpse into its potential:

  • Enhanced Retro Gaming: Emulators can leverage the second screen for displaying maps, inventory, or guides. This will elevate the gaming experience for many gamers. Moreover, it will be more authentic in replicating the classic dual-screen consoles like the Nintendo DS.
  • Multitasking: The secondary screen can also be used for multitasking like web browsing. Gamers can look up guides during gameplay or even use the second screen for messaging.
  • Mini-Map: it can be quite annoying to pop up the map often, especially if it’s an open-world game. The Flip DS can utilize the second screen, making open-world adventure more efficient.


The Ayaneo Flip DS is a bold experiment in handheld gaming. Its dual-screen design presents exciting possibilities for enhanced handheld PC gaming and multitasking. It is like a Nintendo DS but with PC gaming abilities. Ultimately, the Flip DS’s success will hinge on its execution. If developers embrace the dual-screen potential and the software ecosystem thrives, this device could redefine portable gaming.

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