Ayaneo Reveals Information on Pocket S Gaming Handheld


Ayaneo has been steadily revealing more details about its upcoming Android gaming handheld. The Ayaneo Pocket S is a powerful android handheld aiming to steal the crown from popular contenders like the Ayn Odin2.

This new handheld gaming device promises top-notch specs, immersive visuals, and innovative features. It was expected that Pocket S would be released around December 2023. However, Ayaneo more information on the gaming handled in April will revealed. So, within mid-2024, we may expect the release of this new handheld.

Performance Powerhouse: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

The Pocket S has the mighty Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. This processor promises a significant performance leap compared to other Android handhelds. Potentially, the Pocket S has 20% better performance compared to Ayn Odin 2.

The performance boost translates to smoother gameplay. It also has Kryo Prime Ultra Cores 3.36GHz CPU, surpassing similar smartphones that use Ultra Cores 3.2GHz. Moreover, the Adreno A32 1GHz GPU will elevate the gaming experience.

So, gamers can now enjoy demanding titles without any lagging issues. Moreover, it also becomes easier to do multitasking on the handheld.

(Image Credits: Ayaneo)

High-Res Display for Immersive Gaming

The Pocket S features a stunning 6-inch display. What truly sets it apart is the sharp 1440p resolution. This delivers significantly crisper visuals and richer details than Odin2’s 1080p screen. So, it promises to enhance immersion in AAA titles and indie games.

According to Ayaneo, color reproduction and brightness performance set new standards in Android handhelds. It has a 490PPI of pixel density and 400nits of global brightness.

Elegant Sleek Design

The handheld comes with a borderless full-screen experience. This feature makes the handheld look elegant and sophisticated with a sleek finish. Ayaneo wants to achieve an exceptionally high screen-to-body ratio. This will enhance the gamer’s visual immersion. The handheld is also very slim and lightweight, with a 14mm body. It is a marvel for portable gaming. It will enable gamers to easily carry it around and play for prolonged sessions without worrying about holding on to a heavy beast.

The Pocket S body is CNC forged, which gives the texture of a sandblasted finish for a matte texture. It makes the handheld look high-end with a quality finish. The unique metal texture makes the device stand out among other gaming handhelds. Moreover, the crystal-textured D-pad and ABXY buttons make the device look luxurious. According to Ayaneo:

“Showcasing refined taste with a translucent elegance.”

The cherry on the top is the RGB hall, sensing joysticks and linear hall triggers. The backlit makes the Pocket S look like a luxurious futuristic handheld.

For the cooling system, the device will come with a CNC middle frame resembling a “Fishbone” structure for heat dissipation. This promises to enhance the cooling efficiency of the device.

(Image Credits: Ayaneo)

Feature-Packed for Enhanced Experience

The Pocket S goes beyond core specs and offers features that elevate the gaming experience. It  supports critical map mobile game controls on the physical controller. It will assist gamers in playing mobile games with precise controls.

Moreover, it also comes with multi-scenario performance mode switching. Gamers can play games at extreme performance by switching to Performance Boost Mode. However, they can switch to optional Life Gaming Mode if they want to save battery. Lastly, there is also a third mode, Balanced Gaming Mode, which is the best of both worlds.

Last but not least, Ayaneo also provides a convenient handheld game management system. It comes with AYASpace Management Front-End and AYAHome Desktop Launcher.

Three-Mode Vibration

Ayaneo claims the Pocket S will be the world’s first to support three vibration modes. Firstly, SoundTAPMagic audio vibration features will allow vibration with audio. This will also adapt to haptic feedback for retro games.

Secondly, the body vibration will make the gaming experience more immersive. During intense combat sessions, the body vibration will act as a catalyst.

Lastly, Pocket S also provides a native vibration experience with Xbox controllers. It pioneers the support for XInput protocol on Android handhelds.

Ample Space for the Game Library

We know modern games can hog your storage, but the Pocket S has you covered. The device offers up to a whopping 1TB of internal storage. This ensures ample space for your entire game library and multimedia collection.

Unlike Odin2, the Pocket S starts with a higher base storage option. This eliminates the need for immediate upgrades for those with extensive libraries. Moreover, a microSD card slot provides further expandability, which makes storage concerns a thing of the past.


The Ayaneo Pocket S emerges as a promising contender in the Android handheld market. The device offers superior performance, a stunning display, and ample storage. The Pocket S could be worth the wait for gamers prioritizing raw power and top-notch visuals.

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