Bang & Olufsen Revives the Beosystem 9000c: A 90s Classic Reborn


Danish Hi-Fi company, Bang & Olufsen has released second of a series of Recrafted Classics series, restoring the Beosystem 9000c. It brings us back to the 90s with the first breaking Beosound 9000 CD player and now this Beosound Edge CD player. In 2020, you remember B&O ressurected the Beogram 4000c, this year the company has decided that it will not only be bringing more retro classics back.

 The Beosystem 9000c: Trip Down Memory Lane

Beosystem 9000c is a touch of the nineties, the period when people were still excited about break through music technology of CDs. B&O has obtained 200 units of the original Beosound 9000 CD player and returned it to the company’s factory at Struer, Denmark. It is in this factory that these famous units were launched in 1996.

 The Resurrection Process

In the restoration of the Beosystem 9000c, components of the units had to be removed and the circuits analyzed and tested. A carefully selected team of service technicians some of which were involved in the design of the Beosound 9000 went through each part of the speaker very carefully. Notably, original wooden tables from the first workshops were used to maintain the devices, which gave the atmosphere of the workshop to them.

Meticulous Restoration by Skilled Technicians

Each of the parts of the Beosystem 9000c was cleaned with much attention, repaired, and checked in the same manner. The objective was designed and aimed to match up with the organizational standards set in B&O regarding quality and performance. Such attention is taken to make sure that every the Beosystem 9000c manufactured is better than the previous one.

 Updated Design and Features

Even the base of the Beosystem 9000c has not changed but there is a few changes in the appearance of B&O’s product. Two colors were originally used in the design of this product which are deep black and natural aluminum and for this new version the positions of the two colors have been swapped to give it a new look that consumers are likely to enjoy. The aluminum part has been hairline brushed, etched and pearl-blasted in order to have a nice matching line with the Beolab 28 speakers.

Seamless CD Playback Experience

I particularly love that this Beosystem 9000c has the capacity of holding six CDs. The motion of the CD clamper is back and forth; the motion is quite fast and silent to facilitate the next CD to be used. To execute the operation, the clamper clamps the CD, the data is read, and the CD starts to play in a matter of a few seconds, therefore simplifying the listening process.

 Innovative Motorized Glass Lid

Motorized glass lid of Beosystem 9000c is an innovation in designing a microwave oven. It moves up and down with equal ease when the system is in lying down, standing up, hanged on the wall position. Having two optical sensors and a digital time control, the lid allows to operate, open, and close the device within a specific time frame that ranges from 3. 5 to 4 seconds.

 Modern Connectivity Options

Still, it looks back to the retro and forward to the futuristic aspects of the technology by offering fully wireless options should clients desire it. It has AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5. 0, and Chromecast; meaning users can easily stream music to the smart speakers with ease. The combination of these designs results to the Beosystem 9000c being a modern and portable audio system.

Commitment to Sustainability and Longevity

The Beosystem 9000c by Bang & Olufsen is a excellent example of the company’s dedication to creating products which are both usable in the present and efficient for the future. Through renovation of other units, B&O is minimizing the amount of electronics which ends up in the dustbin and instead encourages the idea of recycling and better quality of products. This approach, therefore, guarantees that the Beosystem 9000c will deliver great sound for many more years in the future.

 Price and Availability

Get ready for a serious amount of money if you wish to own a slice of such a history. Digital players Beosystem 9000c Recreated Classic is available for £45,000 / $55,000 / €50,000, and just 200 pieces are in circulation. Despite the fact that such car is not everyone’s acquisition, it presents a chance to the loving and collectors to drive a majestic restored product.


The Beosystem 9000c is an aesthetic combination of the fabulous 90s and the contemporary features of the 21 century. It can be said that Bang & Olufsen’s commitment to preserving accurate detail, adorning its products with exceptionally detailed workmanship and environmental consciousness has been evident in this restoration project. Although it might be expensive, Beosystem 9000c is proof that the idea of sleek and unchanging design accompanied by superb sound quality will always sell.

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