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Withings, a famous French business, revolutionized health technology. At CES 2024, Withings introduced BeamO, a portable health monitor that revolutionizes at-home monitoring. BeamO, the world’s first four-in-one vital monitor, can measure blood oxygen levels, take an ECG, monitor heart and lung function, and check temperature. It costs more than €200. Here, we examine the features and potential applications of this cutting-edge medical device.

The Multiscope Unveiled

Known for producing high-quality smart health products, Withings revealed the BeamO at CES 2024, according to Multiscope revealed. It is a multiscope that integrates an ECG, oximeter, stethoscope, and thermometer into one compact instrument that fits in the palm of your hand. BeamO seeks to revolutionize at-home health checkups by measuring numerous vital data simultaneously.

BeamO’s Operation

The temperature, oximeter, stethoscope, and ECG are the four sophisticated sensors that BeamO uses to function. For accurate measures of the heart and lungs, the digital stethoscope records sounds through the chest or back. This provides an extensive overview of lung and heart health when combined with the ECG and oximeter. For noninvasive infrared scans of the temporal artery and precise core body temperature measurements, the device also incorporates Withings’ Thermo sensor technology.

An Advantage for Prolonged Illnesses

Families, particularly those managing long-term illnesses like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), can benefit greatly from BeamO, according to Withings research. Withings’s Chief Marketing Officer, Elizabeth Coleon, highlights that BeamO is a game-changing tool for at-home health examinations, especially for people who might have trouble routinely accessing medical facilities.

Integration of Telemedicine

Withings app users may easily import the data from BeamO, which takes less than a minute to finish its health measurements. Talking about outcomes with medical specialists is made possible by this integration, which is essential to telemedicine. BeamO improves the experience of remote healthcare by having the capacity to send audio straight to medical specialists.

FDA Approval and Data Protection

Although the BeamO’s release date and price have not been disclosed by Withings, the company guarantees that the gadget will meet medical-grade standards. To ensure that BeamO satisfies all safety and efficacy requirements, it must receive FDA certification before being released into the market.

The Coolest Health Gadget at CES 2024: BeamO

Again stealing the show with BeamO, Withings lives up to its reputation as a manufacturer of cutting-edge, FDA-approved products. In addition to being intended for individual usage, the gadget can facilitate remote telehealth visits for medical professionals. A more frequent and thorough approach to health monitoring is made possible with BeamO, which allows people to collect important health data at home.

Key Features of BeamO

Light Wave Sensors and Acoustic Data

In order to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels, heart rate, and blood flow patterns, BeamO employs light wave sensors and acoustic data.

Operation That Is Easy to Use

Measuring BeamO simply requires a mild grip; measurements are shown on its color LED screen instantaneously.

An Advanced Accuracy Infrared Thermometer

Utilizing a reduced focal area and enhanced Thermo sensor technology from Withings, BeamO’s infrared thermometer yields more precise readings.

Automated Stethoscope with Telemedicine Functionality

Using headphones or recording and sending audio to medical specialists via the Withings app, the digital stethoscope records sound waves through the chest or back.

Using the Withings App to Monitor Your Health

Withings offers training and a history of health readings, and BeamO’s results may be synchronized with the app over Wi-Fi. You may track your general health with the app as well.

Details of the Release and Prices

After receiving FDA approval for its ECG functionality, Withings has set the retail price of $250 for BeamO, which is expected to launch in June 2024. Enhancing the Withings app to enable users to communicate side effects with healthcare practitioners, create alerts, and enter medication details is the company’s goal.


By fusing the features of four vital medical devices into one, Withings hopes to create a future in which routine health checks may be performed remotely using BeamO. With BeamO leading the way in innovation, people can now proactively monitor their health from the comfort of their homes as the world adopts telemedicine in the wake of the pandemic. Withings keeps opening the door for a new era in personal health technology even as we wait for FDA approval. A new health multiscope that promises to change the way we approach our well-being forever is coming soon, so stay tuned for updates.

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