Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro: Smart Tracking and Charging


Have you ever felt that you need to shift your smartphone multiple times during a video conference or when you are streaming live? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gadget that could follow your every move, make sure that you are within the frame without having a second person filming you? In the book of phone stands, one can now meet Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro which may be a knight in a shining armor. This amazing gadget keeps you in frame, hassle-free, when cooking, presenting or may be having a casual conversation with friends.

 Real time face, body and movement tracking.

And to think of a cameraman permanently assigned to you who does not require rest and, on top of that, has the tendency to always follow the subject. What the Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro has to provide is precisely that. This stand for instance has capabilities of tracking your movements through 360° meaning you are always in frame. No matter if you are walking and presenting or just preparing something in the kitchen, the stand moves in a very smooth and stable manner. Ideal for YouTubers, Twitch streamers, or anyone who does not want to correct their device’s position every couple of minutes.

 Motorized Auto-Tilt

Just imagine how useful it is when you wished you had a phone that tilts its angle on its own. Yes, with the Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro, it is possible to produce good quality videos as the name of the tripod suggests. There is the motorized auto-tilt, which lets you to turn the screen to 90 degrees with the use of a remote control easily. This is very handy especially in cases where one is doing a video call or presenting a Power Point. Whenever you are cooking, exercising, or working, you can cover your part of skin area without having to be concerned whether onlookers are able to see your deeds or not. This is like having that setting of having dynamic and interactive videos and all this without having to hire more people to help.

 Multifunctional with MagSafe Compatibility

This is not a mere stand, in fact, the Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro is so much more than that. However, it works well with MagSafe because it properly grips the iPhone and also supports 15W MagSafe wireless charging. The included 5-foot AC power supply guarantees that your phone does not run out of charge during the sessions. If not in use, it is a stylish and highly durable iPhone stand. The dual purpose of charging your phone and providing a stand makes it a great accessory for any technology platform ensuring your phone is always charged to use.

iOS Integrated

Another incredible thing that I have seen from this Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro is that it works very well with the Apple devices, particularly the iOS. Different applications are not required to download: if you can plug your iPhone into the stand, you’ll be able to instantly access FaceTime and Camera apps. This automatic setup guarantees that you are trailed each time you pick your phone and this makes it so friendly to use. The benefits of this integration cannot be overemphasized – this is one is very easy to implement, it is a ready-made solution.

 Rechargeable Batteries

Here’s no more running around to find the sockets to charge your gadgets. This tripod has built-in rechargeable batteries that give it a maximum of 5 hours of use without the need for a cord. This feature has many advantages that include flexible, portable usage as well as a nonpolluting aspect of disposal batteries. The stand is always charged and always ready within every home, every workplace, and every trip you take with the rechargeable batteries.

 SuperSwipe + NFC Tap to Connect

But in the world of tech, complexity less than or equal to zero. The Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro for instance has a single button that when pressed activates the function. The tracking function is very simple to control; all you have to do is press the button once to turn the tracking function on or, depending on your preference, off. Moreover, such novelties as NFC tap-to-pair are able to make the pairing process very easy and trouble-free. The user-friendly design characteristic also means that you spend more time reaping the advantages of the stand and less time thinking how to make it work.

 Quiet & Smooth Movement

Nobody likes noisy gadgets. Using quite stepper motors in the construction of Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro, it can be said that its movements are quite smooth and there are no noise. This feature is quite helpful during the video call or live stream where the background noise interferes with the communication. These motors are narrow and uniformly gliding on the screens making the quality of your communication and presentations brilliant.

100% Sustainability and Comes with a 2-Year Warranty

In a world that is gradually moving towards ensuring that gadgets/assemblies used are sustainable the Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro is one such product. The housing is made from post-consumer recycled content and all of the packaging is 100% plastic free. To further support this, there is a warranty provision of 2 years, which means the consumers can be assured in their purchase. With such stand it is not only possible to get a product of the highest quality, but also to assist in the creation of a better future.


This device is way better than a simple phone stand; the Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro. It is an effective, simple, and environment-friendly gadget that can improve your video calling, live streaming, and vlogging experience. It has other features such as 360° tracking, motorized auto-tilt, MagSafe compatible charging, and the use of rechargeable batteries, making it interactive. Regardless of whether you are a businessman or woman, a blogger or a socialite, this stand is something that you definitely need in your tool kit.

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Belkin Auto Face Tracking Tripod Pro
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