Blending Power Unleashed: The NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 Review


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In a marketplace crowded with kitchen gadgets all vying for a spot on your countertop, the NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 blender promises not only to earn its place but also to revolutionize your blending experience. NutriBullet, famous for its tough, straightforward blenders, has stepped it up with the Pro+ 1200 model with claims of achieving smoother, more consistent smoothies, soups, and even nut butters. Here are the features that make the NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 different from other kitchen appliances in today’s market.

Design and Build: Compact and Robust

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The NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 has a small footprint and a neat, minimalist design that will not take up a lot of counter space or clutter a kitchen. Even though it is quite compact, the overall construction is rugged and robust. The blender has a sturdy motor base and a durable, BPA-free plastic cup that fits securely onto the base with a click. This model has a 32-ounce cup, which is suitable for preparing smoothies or shakes for one or two people. The design of the gadget is contemporary and is available in a wide range of colors to complement any kitchen interior.

Blending Performance

The NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 comes with a 1200-watt motor which is enough to blend through the most challenging ingredients. From frozen fruits, fibrous greens to hard nuts, the Pro+ 1200 is able to blend them smoothly, thanks to its advanced blade system and a strong motor. This model differs from the previous ones by having a pulse option and pre-set programs to enable the user to get the right consistency for different recipes ranging from smoothies to soups.

Ease of Use

NutriBullet has always been admired for creating simple to use products and the Pro+ 1200 is not an exception. Assembly and use are very simple: one has to fill the cup, screw the blade on and turn the device on. Maintenance is also simple; the cups and blades are dishwasher safe and the motor base can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For those who dislike having to clean up the blender after preparing a smoothie, this is a game changer.

Noise and Safety Features

Still, the NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 has a rather quiet operation given the fact that it is equipped with a powerful motor. It’s not silent, but it is much less noisy than most other powerful blenders. Other features include a thermal protector that prevents the blender from overheating, which is useful for those who blend often or for strenuous tasks.


The NutriBullet branding of its products as nutrient extractors and not just blenders is well upheld by the Pro+ 1200. The smooth and efficient design it offers ensures that it gets the best out of fruits and vegetables to give out high nutrient value juices and smoothies making it ideal for those who are conscious of their health and looking to add more nutritional value to their diets.

Value for Money

Although the NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 is more expensive than some basic blenders, it is worth the investment due to its efficiency and sturdiness. It is a good buy for those who frequently use a blender and want a versatile appliance. Furthermore, the NutriBullet recipe book and being part of NutriBullet community ensures that the user is not alone in their journey.


It is safe to say that the NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 is one of the best blenders in the market. Due to the powerful motor, simple controls, and small size, this blender will be perfect for both beginners and professionals. Whether you are using it for weight loss or just to prepare meals, this NutriBullet Pro+ 1200 is a reliable and versatile kitchen appliance that will serve you well in your blending needs.

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