BMW Innovations Reshape Future Driving Experiences

News BMW Innovations Reshape Future Driving Experiences

BMW-i introduces 3-D augmented reality to customers, setting a new norm in the automotive sector. Opel’s MOKKA X introduces new tech and a worldwide direction, while Ford expands its “City of Tomorrow.” vision. Infiniti introduces driver-empowering autonomous drive support technologies. Another groundbreaking AR/VR reality slider from BMW offers a personalized mixed reality experience. Meta and BMW also research in-car VR and AR experiences, advancing the industry toward an immersive future.

The BMW-i 3D Augmented Reality Experience

BMW-i is the first automaker to offer an interactive, 3-D augmented reality experience. BMW-i is using Tango, Google’s smartphone augmented reality technology, to let customers visualize their dream BMW i3 or i8 in real life in a pioneering trial initiative.

BMW Group Vice President of Sales Strategy and Future Retail Andrea Castronovo stressed customers’ emotional attachment to their cars. “Our vehicles are emotional products, and to get that emotional feeling, you really need to experience them,” stated. “In situations where the desired product isn’t available on the spot, this visualization is the next best thing.”

Opel Mokka X: New Look, Innovative Future

One of Europe’s best-selling small SUVs has a new appearance, tech, and brand from Opel as the automotive environment changes. The Opel Mokka X, the brand’s latest SUV and crossover, has arrived in the GCC with a new worldwide identifier, the ‘X,’ underlining its inventive future.

The MOKKA X combines functionality, connectivity, technology, and safety in an easy-to-handle compact for safety, family, and power. The German carmaker will launch five new models in the region in the coming year.

Ford’s “City of Tomorrow” vision

The new F-150 pickup, the Ranger pickup in North America and Bronco globally, and Ford’s concept for the “City of Tomorrow.” show its growing commitment to being an auto and mobility corporation. Ford President and CEO Mark Fields stressed the company’s commitment on strengthening its automotive business while aggressively expanding into mobility services.

The expansion introduces new vehicles and technology, demonstrating Ford’s commitment to improving millions of lives. Ford’s chariot ride-sharing service will extend to eight cities, demonstrating its mobility options.

The Infiniti ‘Co-Pilot’ autonomous drive system

At the 2017 North American International Auto Show, Infiniti showcased ‘co-pilot,’ a growing array of autonomous drive support technologies. Infiniti empowers drivers to maintain control of their vehicles, unlike systems that replace them.

The QX50 Concept’s ‘co-pilot’ technology handle less fun driving responsibilities including highway stop-start traffic and vehicle monitoring. Infiniti’s forward-thinking autonomous driving approach is shown by their focus on driver engagement and control.

BMW’s AR/VR Reality Slider; Paradigm Change

BMW, a metaverse expert, introduced a groundbreaking AR/VR reality slider at CES 2023. BMW’s immersive technology smoothly integrates augmented and virtual reality, instead of anthropomorphizing cars.

The BMW’s interior showcased this innovation, with luxurious materials and an augmented reality dashboard projected onto the windshield. This cutting-edge technology’s five-position AR/VR slider lets drivers regulate real-world visibility. The slider offers a customized mixed reality experience from pure AR with little speed and turn-by-turn directions to full VR for level 5 autonomy.

The slider’s intermediate locations add different levels of data and information to the driver’s view, producing a personalized reality mix. Based on pre-computed digital twins or real-time perception and augmentation using SLAM technology, BMW’s AR and VR integration establishes a new standard for the automobile sector.

Lack of displays allows for a more natural sight line when driving and allows wood and fabrics in the cockpit. BMW’s AR/VR reality slider puts them ahead of Audi and other automakers testing mixed reality and gaming experiences.

BMW and Meta Create In-Car VR/AR Experience

Meta’s reality lab division and BMW are exploring passenger VR and AR experiences in an unprecedented collaboration. The two companies created a video showing their accomplishments while testing the idea.

BMW’s decade-long AR development matches Meta’s 2021 plan to give car occupants virtual experiences. Project Aria—in-car prototype glasses—was the result of the partnership. The glasses are coupled to BMW’s sensor array to follow things in a fast-moving car, enabling reliable VR content.

The breakthrough allows projected items to be anchored inside the car, creating a stable VR/AR experience. The glasses, which look like a lighter HTC Vive Elite XR, show how in-car engagement is improving backseat entertainment.

While the technology is not expected soon, Meta and BMW’s collaboration shows the industry’s dedication to pushing technology.


BMW’s AR/VR breakthroughs and Meta-BMW cooperation are transforming the automobile sector. Emerging technologies like augmented reality representations, customisable AR/VR sliders, and in-car VR/AR experiences promise a more immersive and entertaining driving experience.

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