BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger 25W + Power Bank 5K – Perfect Travel Companion


Do you get annoyed by having to carry around five or six chargers and power banks when you are on the go? Now with the BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger 25W + Power Bank 5K you will know no more about that. This pear shaped, two-in one device is useful for charging your gadgets when on the move, or even in a hotel room.

 Why Go for a Hybrid Charger?

Suppose you have an item that will be used both as a wall charger and power bank. The BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger 25W + Power Bank 5K offers the advantages of the technologies used, being an example of a convenient and effective charger. Within a hotel, if you are in a rush to grab some goods or get your car back or on the road and you need some juice this charger has it all.

Key Features of the BoostCharge Hybrid Charger

If there is one accessory that is worth getting especially for the traveler or the busy professional, this is it. Now let me explain in detail for which factors this device can be considered extraordinary.

Dual Charging Ports for Versatility

Charge Two Devices Simultaneously: The available port for USB-C and USB-A port enables one to charge two devices at the same time. No more waiting for one gadget to charge before you continue charging this other one, that featured in so many homes. Running low on battery on your phone or your tablet? No problem!

High-Speed Charging with PD3.0 PPS Technology

 Safe and Fast Charging: This unique technology is incorporated into the PD3. 0 PPS combination so that charging is fast, and the gadgets’ circuits are protected from damage. This power management is a function that controls the output power and which optimizes the energy consumption of the device.

Portable Power for Busy Lifestyles

 20W Power Bank: The device with the 20W power bank you can get a quick charge for your devices when you are on the move. That being the case, there will always be a time when you will be in a meeting, at the airport, or possibly exploring a new city and you need your gadgets to be charged and ready always.

Compact Design and Foldable Prongs

 Travel-Friendly: being small in size it can easily fit in your pockets or even your wallet or bag when portaging it. Plus, thanks to the foldable prongs, the item is even more compact which is perfect forconstant travelling to the US, China, Japan, Philippines, or Taiwan.

Built to Last with Quality Assurance

 Rigorous Testing: All our battery pack products greatly go through over twenty quality tests as well as receive over eight international certifications. This guarantees that your devices are protected and the charger is lasting and working as desired for several years.

 Eco-Friendly Construction

 Made with Recycled Plastics: To running the environmental consideration, this hybrid charger is made from the products of plastic recycle. Add to this, the packaging is 100% plastic-free, from our consciousness of the environment and our responsibility as a brand towards it.

 Reliable Warranty and Support

 2-Year Warranty: We provide our product with a 2-year warranty for your assurance and should you experience a problem with your unit you can easily have it addressed.


Mobile device charging is one necessity that cannot be overemphasized in this technologically advanced society; this is where the BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger 25W + Power Bank 5K comes in. It is portable; it is small and the materials used in its construction are environmentally friendly. Now, there is no need to carry several chargers and power banks with the help of this wonder of the modern world, a hybrid charger.

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BoostCharge Hybrid Wall Charger 25W + Power Bank 5K
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