Bose New Ultra Open Earbuds: Revolutionizing Sound


Are you prepared to revolutionize the manner in which you listen to music as well as the relation with environment? The Bose New Ultra Open Earbuds are here to make that happen. These earphones are the perfect combination of superior sound quality and the open-ear concept for all those people who like listening to music on the go yet have to remain aware of their surroundings.

 The Ultimate Listening Experience

Bose company maintains tradition and always releases new products in the field of audio technology, and these are the new Ultra Open Earbuds. They are very convenient to use and they are comfortable on the ears while delivering the best sound quality. Below is the breakdown of some of the features that would make these earbuds have a place among any music enthusiast.

 Give Ear unto the World

The feature that will capture the attention of the consumers with the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds is the open-ear experience. This lets you hear what is going on around you but at the same time, you also have good quality music isolated from the rest of the environment. Consider being in an avenue with people, traffic lights, car horns, and voices yet to be able to listen to your favorite track at the same time enjoy the sounds of the physical environment. The OpenAudio technology cuts across the environmental aspects and allows you to enjoy good sound without making you feel like you are in a cocoon.

Be in the Music, Anywhere and Everywhere

It means the Bose Immersive Audio spatialized sound These are the Bluetooth earbuds that make you feel you are right inside the music. Regardless of weather you are lazing around the house, working at your desk, or jogging the Ultra Open Earbuds will offer a perfect listening experience. This is like having a feel of a concert any time you are on the move.

 Feels Good, Stays Put

Bose understands that people want earbuds that are comfortable; this is why the Ultra Open Earbuds are perfect. It has a pivot down below  and an almost feather-like head which comfortably clasps around the area behind your ear. This design not only has a tight fit but also allows you to remain comfortable all day. There is no need to fix your earbuds within a few minutes of wearing them as in some of the models.

Water Resistance with IPX4

A temp gets hired, a temp quits, life can get complicated but that does not mean you cannot rock to your tunes. In terms of durability, those Bose Ultra Open Earbuds have an IPX4 rating which means splashes, drips and even a spray would not be a problem. Irrespective of whether one is bases in the rain or exercising in a fitness center, this earphone will continue to produce the music of your choice.

 Never Miss a Beat

Battery life is important for wireless earbuds and Bose meets this with up to 7. 5 hours play time which depletes to 4. 5 hours with Immersive Audio. Moreover, the charging case included adds an extra 19. 5 hours in your pocket; thus, you are never out of power. A standby time of up to 48 hours means that these earbuds are going to be ready and waiting for you, are you ready for that?

 Press, Play, Enjoy

Staying in control of your music and your calls is quite easy when using the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds due to the button control. Have a quick access to change between stereo and immersive modes, control the music and even speak on the phone. I find these controls easy to master and integrating them into the usage of the earbuds is a breeze.

 Complements Other Bose Branded Equipment

You can connect your Bose Ultra Open Earbuds with Bose smart soundbars and speakers through the Bose SimpleSync feature. This feature enables a private TV listening with ability to regulate the volume of the TV independently from the earphones. Late night movie or a podcast, you can listen to it without having to worry about disturbing other members of the household.

 Auto Volume for Convenient Listening

Apart from that, Bose App comes with Auto Volume option, which automatically changes volume of your music in relation to the surrounding noise level. This makes sure your music is never ridiculous in volume when you are in library, yet adequate when you are in a café or somewhere similar.

Complete Package

What is more, when you decide to buy the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds you will buy not only the earbuds but. This package makes up of an accompanying charging case, a 12in USB-A to USB-C charging cable, an definitive guide and user manual, and Bose 1-year limited warranty. Moreover, you get a Green Extreme Portable Charger, which justifies the fact that you have the right accessories for comprehensive listening.


The new open earbuds in the market are one of the break through inventions in the production of wireless earbuds. They do not come with the behind-the-ear design or a closed cup design that you are bound to find in other Teal hearing aids; instead, they have an open-ear design that delivers the best sound quality possible to the listeners. Hence, if you are a music lover, a fitness freak, or a person who requires maximum consciousness about the environment, these earbuds are created just for you. Do not let go for that chance to take your audio experience to the next level with Bose.

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