BRAVIA 9 85” Mini LED QLED 4K HDR Google TV Review


Talking about home appliances and in particular Home theatres, the BRAVIA 9 85” Class Mini LED QLED 4K HDR Google TV can be regarded as colossus. This is not just a ‘Television’ but it is ‘Experience’. Consider a product that shall integrate the latest technology with such buttons and has the capacity to bring something like a cinema into your home. As it will be seen in this article, there are so many things that have been incorporated into this TV which every home should have.


The featured television model BRAVIA 9 85” Class Mini LED QLED 4K HDR Google TV is one of the most advanced devices that combines modern innovation and easy usage. This TV has XR Backlight Master Drive™ that controls thousands of mini LEDs, which enables it to produce high contrast and brightness.

Stunning Visuals with XR Backlight Master Drive™

Just picture the ability to see the actual broadcast of the sunset on your television, and no hint of orange or shade of brown is off from the natural. The XR Backlight Master Drive™ technology sets thousands of mini LEDs for authentic contrast and the brightest 4K pictures you have ever seen.

 Fitting More In with QLED Technology

The QLED technology, When combined with XR Triluminos Pro™ gives you billions of true, authentic colors that are real world. It this sense, it implies that every scene is enacted with a high level of realism. No matter if it is an animal and wildlife focused movie or just an action film, the colors are sharp and life-like.

 Familiarity with XR Processor ™

The XR Processor™, it helps BRAVIA TV think and operate like a brain. It smartly amplifies every scene in real time and improves the color, contrast, and clarity of the scenes. Overall experience is as if there is a director enhancing and adjusting the picture quality as the spectacle is being observed.

 Big field of view and anti-aliasing

With X-Wide Angle™ and X-Anti Reflection™ , you receive a superior image from anywhere in the area or facility where it is installed. Lessening the light reflection, uniform shade, and intensity imply that each person gets the best position possible.

Seamless Streaming with Google TV™

With Google TV™, Your favorite streaming apps are all in one place. Google Assistant™ integrated single makes it possible to use voice for search, for asking questions and or for navigation.

 Streaming Apps Galore

You are here literally spoilt for choice whether your favorite TV shows or movies are on Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube, or Crunchyroll. It supports almost every streaming service that’s why you will never run out of content to watch.

Easy Streaming with AirPlay® 2 and Chromecast

Wireless streaming from your devices is seamless with compatibility with AirPlay® 2 and Chromecast built-in™. You can easily share videos, photos, and more from your iPhone, iPad, or Android gizmo.

Exclusive Access to IMAX® Enhanced Content

Movies included and access to the biggest catalog of IMAX® Enhanced are available through the SONY PICTURES CORE app which was previously called BRAVIA CORE. This means a richer, more involving, home entertainment experience right at home.

 Motion picture and audio/video characteristics

The BRAVIA TV features Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos® as well as IMAX® Enhanced and DTS® meaning that the audience is guaranteed an experience identical to what they would get in a movie theatre.

 Continuously smooth motion with XR Motion Clarity ™

The movies and sports such as football, basketball and the fast-moving action are made blur-free through the help of XR Motion Clarity ™. This technology also warrants that every move made is clean while at the same time giving the viewers the feeling that they are right at the edge of their seats.

 Sound System with Acoustic Multi-Audio +

AM-Audio/Plus with up-firing Beam Tweeter and dual Frame Tweeter provides expansive surround sound filling the entire room. It boosts the cinematic feel by synchronizing the audio to the visuals that may be seen on a film.

 Enhanced Gaming Experience

Some of the functions that are only available when the BRAVIA TV is used together with PlayStation® 5 include Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. It has these features to enhance picture quality for gaming and streaming and more creating an advantage when it comes to high-quality gaming.

Versatile Stand and Eco-Friendly Remote

Adjustable with two low positions for wide/narrow furniture and two high positions for a soundbar, the four-way integrated stand also costs extra. Moreover, the rechargeable and backlit Premium Eco Remote which is designed to easy to use is constructed of approximately 79. 7% recycled plastic.

Optimized Picture and Sound with BRAVIA CAM

Bravia CAM (available as an accessory) adjusts pictures and sound to a room it is placed in, which will make your movie watching experience better. In addition, Now, you can also use a larger screen for video calls, to bring friends and families closer to you.

 Eco Dashboard of Energy Efficiency

The Eco Dashboard groups all the energy efficiency settings to allow for independent adjustment as well as ge Group Enabling you to tone down all the settings at once, or turn them up if necessary. This makes certain that in addition to the evident appeal of the TV, it is environmentally friendly as well.


The Sony branded BRAVIA 9 85” Class Mini LED QLED 4K HDR Google TV is not just a display device, but a vehicle into a new vista of sight and sound experience. It has features of modern technology and ease to operate making it the best appliance for any home. From breathtaking pictures and the color of what we see around us to brilliant streaming and great sound, this TV elevates home entertainment.

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BRAVIA 9 85” Mini LED QLED 4K HDR Google TV
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