B&W800 Diamond Review: Unveiling the Ultimate Sound Experience



Are you prepared to embark on a journey into the sector of extraordinary sound first-rate? Brace yourself for a evaluation a good way to redefine your underst and ing of audio excellence. Today, we dive deep into the realm of the  B&W800 Diamond, a speaker system that promises to elevate your listening revel in to new heights.

The Diamond Tweeter

Unveiling Brilliance: The diamond tweeter of the  B&W800 Diamond isn’t always just about bling; it is about engineering brilliance. With a frequency variety extending up to 70kHz, it gives extraordinary clarity  and  detail inside the excessive frequencies. The external decoupled pod ensures minimum distortion, handing over a purifier, more distinct treble performance.

Innovative Midrange Design

Kevlar Cone Technology: Dive into the midrange  and  discover the magic of Kevlar cone technology. B and W’s revolutionary use of materials consequences in lower distortion levels  and  higher cone conduct, offering a rich  and  immersive sound revel in. The curved external shape of the midrange driver similarly complements audio best by way of minimizing unwanted acoustic consequences.

Power  and  Amplification

Craving Power: The  B&W800 Diamond craves energy, dem and ing amplifiers with extremely good modern-day shipping. With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms  and  the potential to dip down to a few ohms at positive frequencies, these audio system require strong amplification to unleash their complete potential.

Astonishing Sound Quality

Breathtaking Performance: Experience the beauty of taut bass, managed yet deep, with the  B&W800 Diamond. Whether you are in a small area or a larger room, the audio system supply extraordinary intensity, definition,  and  pace.

Versatility Across Music Genres

From Classics to Bangers: Whether you are a fan of classical symphonies or bass-heavy beats, the  B&W800 Diamond h and les all of it with finesse. From delicate vocals to thunderous bass lines, every genre shines thru with brilliant readability  and  precision.

Superior Build  and  Design

Craftsmanship at its Finest: Each  B&W800 Diamond speaker is a masterpiece of engineering  and  design. From the diamond tweeter to the meticulously crafted enclosure, every element speaks of satisfactory  and  precision.

System Compatibility

Finding the Perfect Match: While the  B&W800 Diamond is a top of audio excellence, it calls for careful gadget matching for most fulfilling performance. Pair it with the right amplifier  and  additives,  and  you will unencumber a international of sonic bliss.

Unmatched Performance

Setting the St and ard: The  B&W800 Diamond units a new st and ard for audio overall performance. With unrivaled readability, dynamic attain,  and  volume ranges, it st and s tall because the epitome of acoustic perfection.

Pros  and  Cons


Stunning Bass: Experience deep, powerful bass that adds richness  and  intensity to your audio.

Exceptional Detail: Every nuance of your tune is brought to lifestyles with unprecedented readability  and  precision.

Dynamic Reach: From whisper-tender melodies to thunderous crescendos, these audio system h and le dynamic variety with finesse.

Innovative Engineering: B & W’s use of cutting-edge generation guarantees ultimate overall performance  and  reliability.

Superb Build Quality: Crafted with precision  and  attention to element, those audio system are constructed to ultimate for years to come.


  • Dem and s Quality Amplification: These audio system require amazing amplification to fully realize their capability, which can upload to the overall cost.
  • System Matching Required: Achieving the fine overall performance requires cautious matching with compatible additives, which may also take time  and  effort.
  • High Price Tag: While the high-quality justifies the cost for many fans, the preliminary funding can be prohibitive for a few.
  • Heavyweight: Weighing in at 102kg each, transferring  and  positioning these audio system may additionally require help.
  • Potential Impedance Dips: The speakers’ impedance can dip to 3 ohms at certain frequencies, necessitating amplifiers with solid impedance h and ling.

Price vs. Value

Beyond Price Tags: While the fee of the  B&W800 Diamond might also seem steep, its overall performance transcends financial fee. When as compared to competitors, its clarity, dynamic variety,  and  overall sound exceptional make it a profitable funding for audio fanatics.


In conclusion, the  B&W800 Diamond is not just a speaker system; it is a masterpiece of audio engineering. From its diamond tweeter to its progressive midrange design, each aspect of these audio system is crafted to deliver an unheard of listening enjoy. While the fee can be daunting, the fee they carry on your audio setup is immeasurable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the  B&W800 Diamond audio system worth the funding?

Absolutely! The  B&W800 Diamond audio system provide unequalled sound best  and  performance, making them a profitable investment for audio fans in search of the pleasant of the best.

2. What form of amplification do the  B&W800 Diamond speakers require?

These audio system require amplifiers with great modern-day delivery to fully unleash their capacity. Look for amplifiers with excessive power output  and  solid impedance h and ling.

3. Can the  B&W800 Diamond audio system h and le different tune genres?

Yes, the  B&W800 Diamond speakers excel throughout a wide range of song genres, from classical to electronic, turning in high-quality readability  and  precision irrespective of the musical style.

4. Do the  B&W800 Diamond audio system require special setup or calibration?

While not always “unique,” cautious system matching is crucial to ensure top of the line performance. Take the time to pair these speakers with remarkable additives  and  set them up effectively for the nice effects.

5. How does the charge of the  B&W800 Diamond audio system evaluate to their competition?

While the rate of the  B&W800 Diamond audio system may appear high, their overall performance surpasses many competition inside the same fee range, making them a compelling desire for critical audiophiles.

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