Cambridge Audio CXN100: High-Resolution WiFi Audio Player


In today’s society, music is easily accessible whether on the radio, television, or even our phones; therefore we turn to our speakers to provide us with immeasurable sound quality. This is where the Cambridge Audio CXN100 comes in, a high-resolution WiFi network audio player that will revolutionalise your music files. The CXN100 is designed with aspects that appeal to everyone, be it people with an average listening habit all the way to serious audio enthusiasts as each and every note and beat will be reproduced in a crisp manner.


The Cambridge Audio CXN100 is much more than just another player in the streaming setup; it is the doorway to a better musical experience. Think about being able to listen to every inflection, every lyric in your music with the quality of a live concert from the comfort of your home. That is the kind of experience that the CXN100 seeks to offer clients.

 Stunning Sound Quality

In fact, the Plexi wound up being the heart of the CXN100 which is all about giving good sounds. But what does that mean to you? It implies that when you are streaming from your preferred application or listening to a high-quality music file, you’re going to get high quality sound output that makes your music contents feel alive.

ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC

The other notable component on the CXN100 is the ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC which is responsible for the device’s great sound. This specific converter has become well recognized for its high-quality efficiency, with an aim of translating sound through a scarce manner. It could be most accurately described as the core of the system, through which exclusively clean, pure, high-quality sound flows to the speakers.

 App Integrations

Today, integration is the need of the hour since almost every company is developing its own app. This is an aspect on which the CXN100 specifically shines; it integrates beautifully with a number of the most commonly used music streaming apps. Now, it is crucial to describe several of these integrations in detail.

Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect

However, the Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect are integrated right into the CXN100. This certainly means that you can listen to the playlists that you have created right from these apps and play them in your audio player without compromising the sound quality and all this without having to follow through a lot of complications.

Qobuz and Deezer

Music lovers who fancy Qobuz and Deezer these have been sorted by the CXN100. These integrations help you to get access to mixed library of high quality audio tracks further enhancing your music listening experience.

 Multiroom Capability

Do you ever desire to have your favorite music playing in each and every corner of your home? Unlike other cable modems, the CXN100 allows you to. Now let us look at some features it has to offer, in particular the multiroom feature.

 Google Home and Apple AirPlay 3.

Google Home and Apple AirPlay compatibility allows users put together multiroom audio. Play, pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and even change the speaker all through using your voice or your device.

 Roon Multiroom Systems

Roon-ready, meaning for those who employ Roon – the CXN100 slots perfectly into the Roon multi room setups. This means you can listen to high definition audio all over the house and manage it with a single touch.

 Flexible Connectivity

There are no strict rules when it comes to connectivity options, especially concerning flexibility on the field. The CXN100 is available in a wired as well as a wireless base depending on your preference.

 USB Audio, Coaxial and TOSLINK

USB audio, coaxial, or TOSLINK inputs, you get it all with the CXN100. These options allow you to always be able to access as many devices as possible, ranging from your laptop to your television.

 Wireless Options: Chromecast, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth

To make the CXN100 more wireless, it has Chromecast the Apple AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth for connectivity. This means that instead of connecting cables to your phone, tablet, or computer to stream your Music, this will give you more flexibility.

 Stream Magic App

Another aspect for maximally regulating every feature of the CXN100 is the Stream Magic App. This app enables you to browse through your library, control streaming services, and settings from the comfort of the app using the smartphone or tablet.

Physical Remote Control

There is also a basic physical remote for those people who do not like using applications on their smartphones. While controlling the Stream Magic App provides for complete control initially sometimes it will come in handy to have the remote right at your disposal.


The Cambrige Audio CXN100 is a WiFi network audio player that is so much more than its name and function suggest; it is an inviting platform that presents the decrypted digital music. It has a powerful sound since its top-notch construct, strong app compatibility, the ability to play music through multiple rooms, and a variety of connections make it suitable for any music enthusiast. It could be used to stream your favorite music playlist, or to discover a new high-definition audio track, the CXN100 delivers each note.

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Cambridge Audio CXN100
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