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In a world where ideas come and move like whispers inside the wind, there is a dire need for a reliable tool to capture and keep them. Enter the TP–7 discipline recorder, a tool engineered to seamlessly document sound, track, interviews, and essential ideas with remarkable ease and fine. Let’s delve into what makes the TP–7 the pass-to system for anybody who values the power of recording thoughts and moments.

Intuitive Muscle Reflex Control

Imagine a device that appears like an extension of your hand, wherein every control is resultseasily at your fingertips. That’s precisely what the TP–7 gives with its intuitive muscle reflex manage. Designed to fit perfectly on your palm, the TP–7 lets in your hands to clearly undertake the controls. Your index finger triggers speedy forward, the center finger rewinds, the thumb facts a memo, and the pinky selects the mode. It’s a honestly profitable man-gadget enjoy that complements your recording workflow.

Tape Reel Sensation

At the heart of the TP–7 lies its motorized tape reel, reminiscent of vintage recording devices. This delicately engineered reel capabilities a brushless motor with ball bearings and a pretty touchy hall sensor, supplying a tactile sensation comparable to coping with physical tape. Not most effective does the reel facilitate recording, however it additionally serves capabilities like scrubbing, pausing, menu navigation, and supplying mild visible feedback all through playback and recording.

The Rocker

For quick navigation thru your audio recordings, the TP–7 boasts a aspect-established rocker. With a easy press on the pinnacle edge, you may speedy forward, while urgent down initiates the rewind feature. Experience the thrill of watching the wheel spin around as your tracks scrub at ‘hyperspeed,’ making audio enhancing a breeze.

Transcription Made Easy

Bid farewell to the tedious challenge of transcribing recorded speech to text manually. The TP–7 comes prepared with a characteristic that streamlines this process, saving you time and effort. Simply connect your telephone to the TP–7 through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or USB, open the TP–7 app, and press transcribe. Voila! Your audio is resultseasily transformed into textual content, taking into account seamless documentation and corporation.

Off the Record

In situations in which discretion is key, the TP–7 gives a available feature to pause recordings discreetly. Picture your self in the midst of an interview, and matters take a personal turn. With a gentle touch on the reel, you may pause the recording, making sure that touchy moments continue to be off the record, preserving privateness and agree with.

Importance of Zero Friction

Comparing the TP–7 to smartphones, the essence of zero friction will become glaring. While smartphones offer versatility, they often include distractions and complexities. In comparison, the TP–7 simplifies the recording manner to its essence. With minimal steps required to start recording, you may focus on capturing thoughts without any useless hurdles.


The TP–7 caters to a numerous range of packages, making it a flexible partner for diverse eventualities:

  • Interviews: Conduct interviews seamlessly with TP–7’s discreet length and devoted functionality.
  • Podcasts: Whether within the studio or out within the field, TP–7’s tremendous audio ensures professional podcast recordings.
  • Voice Memos: Let TP–7 seize your thoughts resultseasily, changing them into correct text for specialists and avid thinkers.
  • Field Recording: Never omit a second of inspiration with TP–7’s portable design and high-overall performance capabilities.
  • Live Performance: Utilize TP–7 in live performances or recording scenarios to seize every element with precision.

Inputs, Outputs, and 20 Years of Ideas

With three stereo -way jacks that serve as inputs or outputs, the TP–7 gives versatility in connectivity. Whether connecting outside mics, headphones, or studio video display units, the TP–7 guarantees compatibility and seamless integration. Additionally, its sufficient inner storage of 128 GB lets in for the preservation of thoughts for years to come.

The Field System™

As a part of an extremely-transportable sound recording and performance gadget, the TP–7 stands at the leading edge of innovation. With full interconnectivity and compatibility with iOS, macOS, and Windows, it’s the final tool for taking pictures and developing audio on the move.

TP–7 Specifications

  • Inputs/Outputs/Headset Connectors: 3x stereo two-way jacks
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB
  • USB Audio Interface: 24-bit/ninety six kHz
  • Bluetooth :Low Energy
  • Rechargeable Battery: 7-hour battery lifestyles
  • Dimensions and Weight: 96 mm x sixty eight mm x sixteen mm, one hundred seventy g / five.6 ounces
  • Electrical Characteristics: Detailed specs for most fulfilling overall performance.


The TP–7 field recorder revolutionizes the manner we capture and keep ideas, imparting unparalleled ease of use and advanced audio nice. Whether you are engaging in interviews, recording podcasts, or jotting down voice memos, the TP–7 is your final companion for all recording needs.

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1. Is the TP–7 well matched with smartphones?

Yes, the TP–7 may be without problems connected to smartphones thru Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or USB for seamless integration.

2. Can the TP–7 transcribe audio recordings into text?

Absolutely! The TP–7 comes geared up with a characteristic that streamlines the transcription process, making it quick and hassle-free.

3. How lengthy does the TP–7’s battery last?

The TP–7 capabilities a rechargeable battery with a lifespan of up to 7 hours, making sure uninterrupted recording sessions.

4. Can the TP–7 be used for stay performances?

Indeed, the TP–7 is appropriate for live performances, allowing customers to seize each detail with precision and clarity.

5. Does the TP–7 come with any additional add-ons?

Yes, the TP–7 includes a 6.35 mm to 3.5 mm jack adapter, increasing its compatibility with numerous audio equipment.

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