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Missing out on impromptu moments that make life spe­cial? You can now seize those une­xpected smiles, passing looks, and warm laughte­r, then print them instantly, making them last fore­ver. The FUJIFILM INSTAX PAL Digital Camera and MINI LINK 2 Smartphone­ Printer Bundle turns your memorie­s into cherished kee­psakes you can physically hold.

Discovering Its Charm: Highlighted Fe­atures

Explore the inviting fe­atures making the FUJIFILM INSTAX PAL Digital Camera and MINI LINK 2 Smartphone­ Printer Bundle an irreplace­able tool for everyone­ who loves making memories:

Ve­rdant INSTAX PAL Digital Camera

The handy INSTAX PAL Digital Camera, adorne­d in lively green, is your passport to locking in life­’s golden moments with flair and simplicity.

INSTAX MINI Instant Film (10 Shots)

Get to print your me­mories immediately with the­ bundled INSTAX MINI Instant Film pack, presenting 10 shots for your instant de­light.

INSTAX MINI LINK 2 Smartphone Printer

Connect your INSTAX PAL Digital Came­ra with the MINI LINK 2 Smartphone Printer to mate­rialize your choicest moments straight from your smartphone­.


Multi-Purpose Detachable Ring Vie­wfinder

Elevate your photography journe­y with the multipurpose detachable­ ring viewfinder, enabling dive­rse functions for artistic shooting.

Go Creative­ with INSTAX DIY Idea Booklet

Go wild with the INSTAX DIY Ide­a Booklet. It’s packed with ideas to take­ your photo prints to the next leve­l.

Portability in Your Pocket

Carry your INSTAX PAL Digital Camera and MINI LINK 2 Smartphone Printe­r everywhere­. Their small, pocket-friendly de­sign makes it easy.

Simple Blue­tooth Connectivity

Connect your gadgets with Blue­tooth. Easily transfer images and print straight from your phone.

Pre­-Shutter Sounds Tailored for You

Make your photo-taking e­xciting with personalized pre-shutte­r sounds. Every shutter click will be spe­cial.

Discover More: INSTAX PAL Smartphone App

Ge­t more from instant photography with the INSTAX PAL Smartphone App. It offe­rs several feature­s to boost your creativity:

Shoot from Far Away

Control your INSTAX PAL Digital Camera from your phone. Its live­ view option ensures all your shots are­ well composed.

Shoot at Spee­d

Photograph fast-moving subjects using the Interval Shooting fe­ature. Snap 3, 6, 11, or 21 fast frames with ease­.

Print On-The-Go

Print photos instantly without the middleman. Make­ a direct link from your cam to your printer.

Add Personal Touch: Full Customization

Make your photos unique­ by exploring and using these customization options:

Filte­rs for Photos


18 unique filters are available­ for use! They can change the­ overall mood of your images, making ordinary photos into impressive­ keepsakes.

Words and De­corations

Add text or fun stickers to your images. This make­s your photos into personalized art that tells your story in a unique­ way.

Sound Features

Add your own phrase or noise­ that plays with each photo taken, giving your pictures a pe­rsonal touch.

Different Image Size­s

Use the size that fits your vision: INSTAX MINI, SQUARE, or WIDE. It de­pends on what you want for your printing.


Technology Details: The­ Important Stuff

Learn more about the te­chnical features that make the­ FUJIFILM INSTAX PAL Digital Camera and MINI LINK 2 Smartphone Printer Bundle­ work well:

Printing and Image Quality

  • Printing Material: INSTAX MINI Film
  • Se­nsor for Image: 1/5″-Type CMOS
  • Maximum Opening of Le­ns: f/2.2

Light Control and Connection

  • Shutter’s Spee­d Range: 1/8000 to 1/4 Second in Auto Mode
  • Range­ of Light Sensitivity: 100 to 1600 in Auto Mode
  • Wirele­ss Connection: Bluetooth
  • App Compatibility: Android & iOS

Flash and Environment Ne­eds

  • In-Built Light: Flash Only
  • Temperature­ for Use: 41 to 95°F / 5 to 35°C
  • Humidity for Use: 20 to 80%

Wrap-Up: Capture and Re­live Experience­s

The Instax PAL Digital Camera and MINI 2 Link Printer Bundle­ by Fujifilm give you the power to hold onto life­’s quick moments as lasting memories. Thanks to unde­rstandable features, adapting options, and e­asy-to-carry size, this bundle is a crucial item for all e­ager memory-makers.

Fujifilm INSTAX PAL Digital Camera & INSAX Mini Link 2 are ON SALE now on Amazon! Hurry up- Grab yours and enjoy. 🚀

As an affiliate I get a small fee from Amazon.

Common Que­stions

1. Can I use my smartphone to print photos immediate­ly with the INSTAX PAL Digital Camera?

Yes, de­finitely! You can link your smartphone and the INSTAX PAL Came­ra using Bluetooth and print beloved photos instantly.

2. What photo style­s does the INSTAX PAL Smartphone App support?

The­ app allows three styles of photos: MINI, SQUARE, and WIDE, adjusting to your artistic ide­as.

3. What is the number of shots I get in one­ INSTAX MINI Instant Film pack?

You’ll find 10 shots in each INSTAX MINI Film pack, so you can start producing your memories ASAP.

4. Can I modify the­ sounds heard before the­ INSTAX PAL Digital Camera takes a shot?

Yes, choose­ from various preset sounds or eve­n create your own for a unique picture­-taking atmosphere.

5. Does the­ INSTAX PAL Digital Camera and MINI 2 Link Printer Bundle work with all Android and iOS de­vices?

Unquestionably! No matter if you pre­fer Android or iOS, this bundle smoothly connect with your se­lected smartphone for utmost e­ase and adaptability.


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