CES 2024: all the TVs, laptops, smart home gear, and more from the show floor

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Innovative displays at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) again captivated IT experts in the new year. Tech giants gathered in Las Vegas to see innovative products and gadgets that will change the tech landscape next year.

Apple’s Vision Pro and the Frontier of Virtual Reality

Apple created a stir at the start of the CES by revealing the release date of the much-awaited Vision Pro headset. The action paved the way for a virtual reality (VR) competition in which businesses from all sectors demonstrated their advancements in immersive technology. With the release of the Vision Pro, VR experiences are expected to enter a new era, and fans are excited to explore the possibilities of augmented reality.

The Revolution of Smart Homes

At CES 2024, smart home firms took center stage as they worked to establish order in the universe of linked gadgets, which is growing by the day. These companies presented technologies aimed at effortlessly integrating the smart tech that is cropping up everywhere since technology is penetrating every aspect of our lives. CES presented a compelling vision of a future in which our houses function as centers of networked brilliance, complete with AI-powered home assistants and clever thermostats.

The Decade of AI-Enabled and Mobile Devices

A tidal wave of mobile and AI-friendly chips-powered laptops, tablets, and handheld gadgets swept over the conference floor. The combination of artificial intelligence and mobility is changing how we use our gadgets and offering improved efficiency and performance. Customers should expect a year full of cutting-edge devices that perfectly combine power and portability as manufacturers compete to produce the next breakthrough.

Samsung vs. LG: The Battle of the Transparent Televisions

Once again engaged in a battle of transparency, LG and Samsung renewed their rivalry that has come to be associated with CES. As a focal point, transparent televisions attracted viewers with their futuristic appeal. Consumers are left to wonder about the possibility of a television that disappears into the living room when it’s not in use as the two tech behemoths compete for supremacy.

Highlights from the Press Conferences on Monday

The press presentations on Monday were a tech enthusiast’s paradise, revealing a series of breakthroughs that would revolutionize entire industries. With the release of the RTX 4080 Super, Nvidia took center stage, but Samsung amazed observers with a rolling robot projector. A new era for fans of portable gaming was heralded by MSI’s entry into the handheld gaming market with a device that rivaled Steam Deck.

Tuesday’s Updates: An abundance of gadgets

One of the devices that was added to the CES roster on Tuesday was the Rabbit R1 AI device, a little marvel that can manage your daily life from a tiny package. With its foldable and portable OLED monitor, Asus stunned the audience by pushing the limits of display technology. The introduction of Honda’s elegant Zero series electric cars (EVs) thrust the company into the public eye and cemented the electrified future of the automobile industry.

Beyond Technology: Wi-Fi 7, Electric Vehicles, and Unusual Experiences

CES 2024 explored the future of transportation in addition to the flash and glamour of technologies. A linked automotive landscape, where vehicles smoothly communicate with each other and the environment around them, was alluded to by electric cars connecting to Wi-Fi 7. In the meanwhile, participants were engrossed in non-traditional experiences, ranging from getting their nails done to gathering the different power rings.

The Experience of the Exhibition Floor

On Tuesday, January 9th, the CES exhibition floor officially opened, and it finished on Friday, January 12th. Over the week, Las Vegas transformed into the center of technical wonders, drawing both industry executives and tech fans. The Verge’s committed staff covered the event from the ground up, bringing you the best and latest news from the major announcements made. To find the best of the best in technology, keep an eye out for The Verge’s Best of CES picks.


The tech sector is poised for a revolutionary year as CES 2024 comes to an end. The technologies introduced at CES will surely influence the direction of technology in the months to come, from the battlefields of transparent screens to the cutting edge of virtual reality. The buzz from CES lingers as we say goodbye to Las Vegas, and it makes us excited to see what these technological marvels have in store for the future.

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