Charge in Style with GravaStar Delta35: The Mecha Aesthetic GaN Fast Charger


A 35-watt GaN fast charger with a distinctive appearance inspired by mecha robots is the GravaStar Delta35. The following are some salient characteristics.

Robot Design Inspired by Mecha

The Delta35 charger has a tiny robot-like appearance. By modifying its limbs and ears to fit your own style, you can alter how it looks.

35W GaN Technology Fast Charging

Fast, environmentally friendly charging without overheating is provided by this charger. GaN technology keeps things efficient while guaranteeing optimal performance.

Two USB-C ports

The most convenient way to charge two devices at once for your electronic equipment.

Power Indicator in Real Time

Keep an eye on the charge status of your device with this stylish ice-white light.

Innovative Safety Features

Secure and worry-free charging is made possible by built-in safety against overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuits, and over-temperature problems.

All-encompassing compatibility

Works with iPads, MacBook Air, Nintendo Switch, and phones.

The GravaStar Delta35 has the following advantages and disadvantages

Mecha Robot Design

A fun touch to your desk arrangement may be the whimsical mecha robot design with moveable components and blinking lights.

GaN Technology

The charger uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors, which produce less heat and are more efficient than conventional chargers. This might result in a smaller design and quicker charging periods.

35W Rapid Charging

Supports fast charging protocols for compatible devices (specifics to be confirmed), which could result in a significant reduction in charging times.

Two USB-C ports

enables simultaneous charging of two devices.

Small and Transportable

It may be appropriate for travel due to its size (specifics to be determined).


Appeal of Unique Design

Not everyone may find the mecha robot design to their taste.

Limited Capabilities

Its main function is charging, and depending on the model, it may not have built-in cords or wireless charging capabilities.

The longevity of moving parts

It’s uncertain how long the moving parts and blinking lights will last.


Since it’s a novel product, the cost may be more than that of regular fast chargers without the distinctive style.

As a whole

Combining quick charging capabilities, GaN technology, and an entertaining mecha robot design, the GravaStar Delta35 delivers a unique mix. But not everyone will appreciate the design, so it’s important to take into account any potential downsides like uncertain durability.

This is how you can decide with knowledge

Examine Reviews

See evaluations from consumers or tech magazines to gain an understanding of build quality, real-world performance, and any potential drawbacks.

Compare the price and features

Examine the features, cost, and GaN technology of the Delta35 in relation to other fast chargers available on the market.

Think About Your Requirements

The Delta35 can be a suitable option if you value aesthetics above all else and like the mecha design. But alternative choices might be preferable if you value affordability and pure functioning more highly.

You may determine whether the GravaStar Delta35 Mecha Aesthetic GaN Fast Charger is a good addition to your tech collection by carefully weighing these aspects and your demands.

What is GaN Fast Charger?

By providing a greater amount of power to the device battery than a conventional silicon-based charger, a GaNFastTM™ Charger accelerates the charging of mobile devices, such as phones, laptops, and tablets. It is a next-generation power adaptor based on Navitas’ GaNFast power ICs.

The 5W silicon-based “sugarcube” would have been a standard charger a few years ago. But since today’s power-hungry, large-screen smartphones require more than five hours to fully charge using conventional technology, there has been an increase in demand for faster-charging higher power wired and wireless “Fast Charger” solutions. GaNFast chargers are the ideal solution to meet this need.

Numerous top consumer electronics makers, including Lenovo, Dell, LG, Samsung, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi, now provide many GaNFast chargers as inbox Fast Chargers.Others are provided as aftermarket fixes by independent accessory vendors.

Why is GaN crucial for rapid chargers?

Fast charger manufacturers struggle to provide a lightweight, portable, and powerful form factor. This is why more companies are employing gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors in their adaptors.

GaN has transformed fast charging for phones, tablets, and laptops by enabling three times quicker charging in half the size and weight of previous models. GaN outperforms silicon semiconductors.

In addition to supporting larger output powers, this improved “power density” of GaN-based Fast Chargers opens up the possibility of adding additional outputs for the simultaneous charging of several devices without growing the size of the product.

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What Makes a GaNFastTM⸏ Charger Necessary?

Due to our mobile phones and other portable devices, we have instantaneous, 24/7 access to information, e-mail, messaging, social networks, rich media, gaming, and many other data-intensive programs, functions, and services.

The battery of these portable devices constantly drains because they are almost “always-on.” Because of this, charging has grown to be an annoying necessity for a lot of us. Simultaneously, when our electronic mobile gadgets’ performance keeps becoming better, their size sometimes goes up as well, requiring more battery power.

Even as power demands rise, mobile device manufacturers are constantly working to improve the technology of their batteries to give more capacity and extend the time between charges. Larger battery capacity have the drawback of requiring longer charge times, at least when utilizing traditional chargers. This is not as practical if you are constantly on the go and only have access to wall outlets for little amounts of time, such as in an airport, train station, coffee shop, or conference room. However, leaving your device plugged in overnight or for long durations is fine.

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Charge in Style with GravaStar Delta35: The Mecha Aesthetic GaN Fast Charger
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