Corsair TC100 Relaxed: The Affordable Gaming Chair Revolution


Corsair, a company well-known for its outstanding gaming accessories, has upended the gaming chair industry once again with the release of the TC100 Relaxed model. With its unique design that provides comfort, style, and affordability for gamers, the TC100 Relaxed is a very attractive choice when it comes to low-cost gaming chairs. Corsair hopes to upend the market for entry-level gaming chairs with its $250/£200 price tag while maintaining high levels of quality and functionality.

Unveiling the TC100 Relaxed

The TC100 Relaxed is the newest model in Corsair’s gaming chair range, designed for gamers looking for an affordable, ergonomic sitting option. Designed to be a somewhat less expensive version of the well-liked T3 Rush model, the TC100 Relaxed has Corsair’s iconic racer-style look but adds a few unique features.

With its sleek color scheme and 160-degree recline, the TC100 Relaxed is comparable to the T3 Rush; yet, it stands out from the crowd thanks to its well-thought-out design and more affordable pricing. With the TC100 Relaxed, Corsair has made significant improvements that prioritize comfort and usefulness to provide an outstanding gaming experience.

Comfort and Design

The TC100 Relaxed’s wider backrest and more padding in the seat region are two of its best characteristics. Users who desire a more relaxed seated experience or who have a broader frame are catered to by this design. Because of its soft bolster angles, the chair is comfortable even for those with larger thighs, which makes it a good choice for a variety of games. Corsair has also taken user ergonomics into consideration by providing a broader backrest and plenty of seat padding. The TC100’s “relaxed” name refers to its focus on offering a cozy and supportive sitting experience, even for prolonged gaming sessions.

Adjustability and Functionality

Even while the TC100 Relaxed is more comfortable than its more expensive siblings, it does sacrifice some flexibility. The chair’s 2D armrests allow for height, angle, depth, and breadth modifications. Although many users would find this enough, individuals who are used to 4D armrests could find the selection a little limited.

The TC100 Relaxed offers users sufficient support and comfort even with its 2D armrests. During gaming periods, the armrests provide a secure resting posture for the arms and elbows, while not being very soft. On the other hand, those looking for more personalization possibilities could find the absence of forward and backward movement to be a slight inconvenience.

Assembly and Build Quality

With the TC100 Relaxed, Corsair has maintained its dedication to quality, guaranteeing that the chair is robust and well-made. Even though it’s a simple procedure, installation could need for some close attention to detail. Though small problems like residue from synthetic materials making it harder to insert bolts may arise, generally, the assembly is doable and can be finished in a fair amount of time.

A pleasant and breathable sitting surface is offered by the fabric upholstery option on the TC100 Relaxed. The cloth version, in contrast to conventional leatherette alternatives, provides better ventilation, keeping users from feeling stuffy or hot, especially in the summer.

Aesthetics and Versatility

The TC100 Relaxed is aesthetically pleasing in that it finds a balance between design and use. The chair has a sleek, contemporary design with delicate features like a detailed honeycomb pattern on the backrest. With its more subtle and refined appearance, the TC100 Relaxed is a perfect choice for both office and gaming settings, in contrast to certain gaming chairs that may seem too bright.

For the TC100 Relaxed, Corsair provides a variety of color choices, including a gray and black fabric variation that elevates any area. The fact that leatherette and fabric alternatives are offered at the same price range guarantees that customers may make choices without having to sacrifice affordability.

Affordability and Value

The TC100 Relaxed is a great option for gamers on a tight budget, coming in just $250/£200. It may not have all the high-end features of more expensive versions, like 4D armrests or sophisticated lumbar support, but it nevertheless provides a cozy and useful sitting option at a reasonable cost. The TC100 Relaxed is a notable competitor in the competitive gaming chair market since it’s perfect for gamers looking for a sturdy and fashionable chair that won’t break the budget.

Redefining Budget-Friendly Gaming Chairs

With its stylish and adaptable design, Corsair’s TC100 Relaxed gaming chair redefines the norm for low-cost gaming seats by fusing comfort, affordability, and utility. The TC100 Relaxed is an appealing alternative for those on a budget because of its broad backrest, generous padding, and choice of fabric upholstery.

Despite potential sacrifices like 2D armrests and installation difficulties, the TC100 Relaxed is an excellent option for budget-conscious gamers due to its overall quality and value. Corsair’s gaming chair range is always evolving, and the TC100 Relaxed is a testimony to the company’s dedication to providing top-notch products that satisfy customers across the globe.

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