Creative Pebble X Plus 2.1 USB-C Computer Speakers


We were a little taken aback when the offer to review the new Creative Pebble X Plus speakers arrived. Over the past few years, our current Creative T100 speakers have remained effective for our requirements. How good could these tiny little speakers be, and would they ever find an excuse to leave their home office desk? To be honest, I haven’t had a chance to use Creative’s Pebble series of desktop speakers, despite their excellent evaluations.

Examining the Pebble X Plus in more detail

Creative’s latest 2.1-channel Pebble model, the S$189 Pebble X Plus, has a subwoofer. It’s Creative’s main 2.1-channel product. Two satellites with 2.75-inch full-range drivers face the user’s ears 45 degrees like all other Pebble speakers. The Pebble X Plus includes mounting holes underneath, suggesting it might be mounted on stands. We couldn’t tell if adding stands would increase audio quality because we didn’t have any. Please let us know if you buy a set and try it on stands; we’re curious. RGB lighting covers most of the speaker’s casing, outperforming accent lights. You can use its effects settings to produce background noise while listening to music or playing games. Change the color and brightness using the Creative software you install while configuring the speakers or the speaker controls.

Before turning it on, we were scared it would seem tacky, but Creative deserves credit for the RGB lighting, which makes the speaker pair look great. Although we’re too old to appreciate RGB on our PCs, our 14-year-old liked the Pebble X Plus’s look and was interested how long we’d keep the speakers before returning the review gadget. The subwoofer is somewhat larger than a Kleenex square box and modest. Due to its dual passive radiators, the subwoofer produces a lot of bass, which we will examine later. The Pebble X Plus has Bluetooth 5.3, USB-C, a 3.5mm AUX input, microphone, and headphone connections. Additionally, the Bluetooth button toggles sources. Only SBC wireless codec is supported. Picky listeners who want aptX or AAC may be disappointed.

How they perform

Unpacking the box and connecting the cords to the ports (which were labeled) was easy. With the PC on, the Pebble X Plus was discovered promptly. We were invited to upgrade the speaker firmware after installing the Creative app, which took a few minutes, including rebooting. To evaluate performance, we compared it to the T100 2.0 desktop speakers. My T100 speakers died before the Pebble X Plus review unit arrived, so Creative graciously sent us another set to compare.

Remember my prior doubts about the Pebble X Plus? Creative must be laughing at me because the Pebble X Plus speakers wowed me right out of the box. Do not mistake them for audiophile-grade. They produced a broad soundstage with clean vocals and midrange and booming bass from the small subwoofer. The T100 sounded murky and if it was coming from underwater; a solo subwoofer improves audio performance. In our tests, the Pebble X Plus produced enough power to fill a decent-sized room at 78% output before we stopped to prevent bothering the neighbors. This is a huge sound in a compact box. Looks may be misleading, and the Creative Pebble X Plus is a prime example.

The Pebble X Plus speakers can deliver 15W RMS and 30W peak power when connected to a computer via USB-C. The speakers can be powered by an external USB-C power adapter with 30W or higher USB-PD power, which can provide 30W RMS and 60W peak power. Plugging the speakers into a 65W PD power adapter we had on hand increased power and tightened and regulated bass response, while vocals became sharper. If you boost the Pebble X Plus’ power input, the difference is noticeable. If feasible, test drive these side by side at Creative’s Experience Store to get the full sensation. Should you buy a USB-PD power adapter? Due to its high cost, we recommend bypassing unless you have a spare.

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Final Verdict

For its pricing and features, the S$189 Pebble X Plus is great. If you’re at home and only want to alter your phone’s music to set the mood, Bluetooth connectivity extends their usefulness. We think Creative’s RGB-lit product is attractive and appealing to both young and old. At least from the latter group’s practical standpoint. The Creative Pebble X Plus is low-quality due to its excessive plastic use. However, they don’t take up much space, look well on a desk (albeit their fixed wiring architecture limits placement), and offer decent audio quality for the price.

Given the rising expense of life and the expanding list of desires, it is natural to be expected that Creative will continue to live up to the reputation of their Pebble lineup. You really can’t go wrong with the Creative Pebble X Plus whether you’re looking to upgrade the speakers on your home PC or get a new pair of desktop speakers for your teenager at an affordable price. Its value proposition is further enhanced by the fact that it is compact, features wireless connectivity, RGB, and strong audio.

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Creative Pebble X Plus 2.1 USB-C Computer Speakers
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