Creatures of Ava: A Harmonious Journey of Rescue and Restoration


As we know Palworld is going viral due to its ultimate vibe of Pokémon with guns. Similarly, Creatures of Ava is also trying to ride the wave of the hype train. During Xbox Partner Preview 2024 Creatures of Ava was showcased.

The vibe of Creatures of Ava revolves around understanding and creating bonds with the creatures threatened by a mysterious plague like disease. It developed by a collaborative effort between Chibig AND Inverge studios. Moreover, the narrative is created by Rihanna Pratchett who is known for her works in Tomb Raider and Mirror’s Edge.

Creatures of Ava is releasing later in 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, PC and it will available through Xbox Game Pass. So, if you want a laid-back experience with similar theme as Palworld then you should keep an eye out for Creatures of Ava.

A World of Wonder Awaits

The world of Ava is brimming with unique flora and fauna. You will traverse through lush rainforests and treacherous mountaintops. Each environment will showcase its own distinct characteristics and challenges.

The main purpose of the game is about saving the creatures lives. Each creature provides a unique bond that enables you to harness their unique skills for traveling around Ava and solve various mysterious environmental challenges.

“Once peaceful creatures, they now succumb to an unknown infection driving them to behave aggressively, which makes your mission to save them an urgent necessity.”

The creatures of Ava are possessed by this unknown infection that disrupted their peaceful personality and turned them hostile. So, the urgency of saving them is quite high. In my opinion this theme kind of parallels with Horizon Zero Dawn’s corrupted machine theme. Where the Mian character had to deal with corrupted machine-like creature and find the core reason behind it.

“Creatures of Ava is a game featuring a dense, populated world of rich ecosystems filled with creatures that play a vital role in the planet’s natural balance. It goes beyond traditional creature-related genres, offering a deeper understanding and connection with the things you’ll encounter on Ava.”

Befriending, Not Battling

Creatures of Ava focuses on befriending instead of collecting these creatures. They are breaking away from the traditional monster-catching formula. The main aim here is to build the trust with the creatures.

“Once you come to understand the true meaning of the infection, you will be challenged to step out of the human-centric point of view and learn about the real toll it takes to preserve the primal beauty at the very roots of Ava.”

You will come across various fascinating creatures with unworldly abilities and behaviors. You will see some creatures may be nimble climbers to help you around the world. Moreover, you will also see flying bird like creatures helping you to reach unreachable areas.

Healing the Infection, Healing the Bond

As mentioned earlier the core conflict revolves around this unknown plague like infection. The infection is altering their behavior, abilities and disrupting the natural balance of the planet.

Players will need to solve multiple puzzles scattered throughout the world and uncover the root cause of this illness. The journey will involve unraveling planet’s history and interact with native Ava inhabitants. The infection is known as “the Withering” which might be something to do with the local race of Ava known as the Naam.

 A Deeper Connection with Nature

From the trailer we can see the world is vibrant with colorful nature infiltrating the world of Ava. You will come across various biomes with intense visuals. You can visit colorful Nari jungle or mysterious Maruba swamp which creates an interconnected world. Moreover, since the game focuses on non-aggressive combat the game emphasizes on healing rather than fighting. You can play flute melodies that can tame creatures to progress the games.


If you are looking to explore a vibrant world with heavy nature emphasis then Creatures of Ava might be your new getaway. Creatures of Ava heavily focuses on world-building, innovative mechanics and thought-provoking narrative. So, make sure to give it a try when it releases!

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