Dead Cells Bids Heartfelt Farewell After 7 Years


Dead Cells is among the most popular roguelikes known for its challenging gameplay. On February 2nd, 2024, it was announced that the developers were finally ending the game’s development after seven remarkable years.

While fans of this legendary roguelike game may feel a pang of sadness, it is essential to celebrate the achievements of Dead Cells.

The Glorious Reign of 7 Years

Dead Cells was officially released in 2017, instantly capturing many players’ hearts. The game charmed its players with its astonishing pixel art and punishing yet rewarding gameplay. Dead Cells offered a tight balance of exploration, combat, and progression. All of these features were wrapped in a vibrant and stylized universe.

Dead Cells seamlessly combined roguelike elements with Metroidvania explorations. Players can explore interconnected biomes, secrets to uncover, and a sense of progression beyond individual runs. Moreover, the game embraced difficulty without being exclusionary. The forgiving progression loop and intuitive controls allowed players of all skill levels to enjoy the core gameplay loop.

The developers fostered a passionate and dedicated community. Developers actively engaged with players, taking feedback and incorporating suggestions into updates. The success story of Dead Cells is an inspiration. A small team with limited resources developed the game. Still, their success inspired many indie game developers to flourish.

Games like Blasphemous and Hollow Knight were inspired by Dead Cells to combine the elements of roguelike and Metroidvania explorations, just like Dead Cells.

Over the years, the game received various accolades, including “Best Action & Adventure Game” at The Game Awards 2018 and “Indie of the Year” at SXSW Gaming Awards 2019.

Creative Chapter Closes

The original developers, Motion Twin and Evil Empire, who collaborated on post-launch content, have announced the end of their creative journey. They will no longer roll out any more updates in the future. The final update for Dead Cells across all platforms will be released later in 2024. These updates aim to polish the game further and potentially offer some surprises for the dedicated fans

Reasons for the Decision

While the announcement might seem bittersweet, the decision is understandable. Developers often seek new creative pastures after pouring their heart into one project. Motion Twin has already announced their new “Windblown” project, a co-op adventure game. Similarly, Evil Empire is also venturing out to develop its titles. It is natural for studios to evolve and explore new ideas to keep their creative energy alive. However, their dedication to Dead Cells will always remain unwavering. The community will always appreciate their commitment to keeping the game fresh for the last seven years.

The Future of Dead Cells

We must accept that new content will not come for Dead Cells. However, it will remain playable and receive bug fixes and technical support. Without any doubt, it is safe to assume that the community will continue to share various mods, strategies, and challenges to keep the game’s spirit alive.

Dead Cells’ place in gaming history is secure. It showed the light at the end of the tunnel for many indie developers and inspired them to roll out roguelike games. Dead Cells will continue as a benchmark for excellence in the roguelike genre.

The Legacy Will Live On

The ending of Dead Cells’ development signifies a transition, not an end. Dead Cells will continue entertaining and challenging players, reminding us of the magic that charmed its players initially. So, let’s raise our virtual controllers to Dead Cells for giving us seven years of remarkable experience.

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