“Demystifying QNED: LG’s Next-Gen Television Innovation Unveiled”


In the complicated TV technology high-tech area, LG was an active member, striving to refresh traditions and make its brand one of the best in quality. The latest member the LG’s family of LG QNED and QNED Mini LED TVs (2024) models has been able to attract much attention onto itself because of its brand new features and specifications that it boasts. Now, let’s analyze more about how these TVs are different from any other similar devices.

Unraveling the Key Features

  • QNED (Quantum NanoCell Emitting Diode) Technology: LG’s QNED TVs are the integration of LG’s unique NanoCell and Quantum Dot techologies to create stunning images which are hard to beat. Nanocell technology works via the use of light absorbing nanoparticles that eliminate unwanted blue light wavelengths, ensuring that as perfect and vibrant colors are reproduced. Besides, the Quantum Dot technology is one distinctive advancements in the semiconductors nanocrystals that possess the capability to emit perfect colors, and thus create a vast color range.
  • Mini LED Backlighting: The QNED Mini LED TVs use thousands of mini-LEDs to deliver good brightness distribution and local dimming for advanced picture richness. Such a technology uses ultra-dark blacks, near-white brights, and new contrast dimensions to provide viewers with an intense visual experience.
  • 4K Resolution: On the whole, each LG QNED and QNED Mini LED TV comes with a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) pixels, so you can enjoy true 4K which adds fantastic details and stunning visual that its viewers can be involved in the given scenes.
  • HDR Support: It is demonstrated by the LG QNED TVs that support the HDR (High Dynamic Range) standard, furthermore to the elevated color gamut and the greater range of brightness levels, this results in a much more realistic and colorful perspective.
  • AI Processing: LG, by AI processing power, has QNED TV series that ensures quality in both sound and picture analysis and optimization, as such, the TVs takes oon in giving the users the best entertainment experience.

Deciphering QNED Technology

QNED, as the name implies, is a marriage between ‘Quantum’, LG’s brand of ‘NanoCell’ displays, and the LEDs used in the screen’s back light. It is this distinctive fusion that illustrates LG’s groundbreaking way of making TV technology.

Moreover QNED has the capability to gather the energy from the 30,000 LEDs which is extremely advanced comparing to the current LCDs resolution at the market. The precision of the desired brightness level is the most distinguishing feature of the Mini LED technology. It also makes the different areas on the screen much more distinguishable and contrasty. LG’s QNED Television line has a great feature that goes up to 2,500 dimming zones helping to produce the best blooming prevention and the most uniform light distribution on the screen.

In the same league of TCL’s 6-Series and 8-Series QLED TVs, LG’s QNED TVs are described for offering the similar potential of control of the contrast and brightness like OLED panels. While the tech used in OLED panels able to individually switch off pixels, giving an unequaled black depth, LG’s QNED technology bridges the gap and enable LCD tier to compete with OLED on its tail.

Nevertheless, the color balance is one of many things that cannot be negated when performance of TV sets is in question. LG provides QNED TVs with various configurations: some come with different Hisilicon processors like a9 Gen 4 AI instead a7 chip as well this clearly shows that one’s purchase the LG QNED TV should be aware of the overall specs rather than just the QNED branding.

Available QNED TV Models

LG has introduced four QNED TV models in its 2024 lineup under the NanoCell branding: But other QNED models such as QNED99, QNED95, QNED90, and QNED85 are also equally viable solutions for those in search for a piece that can deliver a beautiful picture and outstanding contrast. Although QNED-99 and QNED-95 are 8K TVs, the QNED – 90 and QNED – 85 models are 4K resolution TVs. Different models are sold in 65”, 75, and the largest one which measures 86 inches. These TVs meet diverse preferences and are intended to suit varying spaces.

The range motion speeds spans across the models, from 60Hz of the standard panels to 120Hz on the high end models. Also, the 4K variants including a7 Gen 4 processor while 8K models and majority of OLED sets use exceptional a9 Gen 4 chip.

While the QNED90 sets the initial pricing target at $1,999 in the United States and the QNED99, at $3,499 for the 65-inch model at first, details by region may be different.

For Australia, similar range of prices can be found between AU$4,799 and AU$10,799, as there are quite many options and configurations already in the QNED line-up.

The decision on whether to use QNED or OLED ?

LG’s subtle-mindedness in applying QNED technology besides its existing OLED line-up speaks the entity’s dedicatedness to provide televisions of different scopes. Although LG’s QNED sets constitute the low end of the product range, they are crucial in extending consumers’ options as they are built to focus on the well established LCD technology.

LG introduces budget-friendly A series OLED and highly capable QNED LCD TVs and this bridges differences between different product categories in a way that assures what is essentially just a seamless experience in viewing TV, never mind which product you are using.


Screen Sizes: It includes LG QNED TVs and QNED Mini LED TVs in different sizes, starting from 55 inches and going up to 86 inches.

Panel Type: LG QNED TVs make use of IPS (In-Plane Switching) panels that not only exhibit high viewing angles but it also delivers reproductions of color.

Refresh Rate: The LG QNED LCD smart TV range consisting of models with 120Hz refresh rate is giving crisper and smoother images in dealing with fast-moving scenes.

Smart TV Platform: Q series LG QNED TVs incorporate LG’s “webOS” smart TV platform, which allows for streaming a wide range of apps and functionalities.

Connectivity: Broadly lg qned TVs features a variety of inputs which ones and others ethernet.

Conclusion: Promoting the Spectators’ Perception

To sum up, the QNED and the QNED Mini LED TVs will hands down be the epitome of ingeniousness by the incorporation of broad technologies i.e. the QNED and the Mini LED backlighting, and the AI processing. Driven by their outstanding image quality, HDR support and frequency of smart TV functions, these TVs are next-level execution of premium television experiences.
With the progression of LG`s television development, the array of products will naturally become more refined and versatile covering needs vs. wants from the consumer. Whether you enjoy the vivid and clear display of OLED or the various features of QNED, LG is the brand that sets the pace in the television industry, creating the future of how a home entertainment set is.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How OLED technology is different from QNED?

QLED technology that is equipped with backlighting based on Mini LED delivers a comparable level of brightness adjustment and contrast to OLED panels While OLED has the advantage in individual pixel control, QNED provides a rival technology with its innovative approach to backlighting.

2. Will they run smoothly with the gaming consoles and streaming devices?

Indeed, LG’s QNED TVs encompass multifarious connectivity choices, like HDMI ports, thus, making them suitable for platforms such as gaming consoles, stream devices and other peripherals to deliver unrivaled entertainment experience.

3. What is the special feature that distinguishes LG’s QNED TVs from other similar products available in the market?

With their NanoCell and Quantum Dot technologies combined with Mini LED backlighting together with AI processing, LG’s QNED TVs excellently render dramatically improved picture quality and performance. Moreover, the innovation and the quality customer service come forth as the defining features for LG’s products within the crowded television industry.


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