Descending into a New Myth: Hades 2


Hades won several gamer’s hearts when it came out in 2020.The popular roguelike dungeon crawler video game kept gamers on the edge of their seats. Supergiant gifted us with one of the most story-rich roguelike games. The game is set in the Underworld of Greek mythology and follows the son of Hades. Zagreus is the main character aiming to escape the Underworld and reach Mount Olympus. Supergiant’s effort paid off when Hades won the Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2020.

Once again, Supergiant decided to take the leap of faith and venture into a new territory with their sequel, Hades 2.Gamers have been waiting for this sequel for a long time. The sequel promises to expand upon the original game.It aims to take the players on a thrilling new adventure in the Underworld.

A New Protagonist Emerges

In the sequel, the developers shine a light on a new protagonist. The new protagonist is known as Melinoë. She is the fiery princess of the Underworld and the daughter of Hades. She is also the sister of the original protagonist, Zagreus.

Melinoë’s main strength is her witchcraft, which is quite a contrast compared to Zagreus’ infernal arms.She embodies a distinct combat style focusing on swift movement, crowd control, and lethal spells.Melinoë is described as:

“An immortal witch and sorceress with powerful magical abilities, deadly skill with various shadowy weapons, and a score to settle.”

As the narrative unfolds, the players will witness her grappling with her lineage. Melinoë will seek her place in the Olympian pantheon with the burden of confronting a threat far more significant than her father’s realm.

Facing the Titan of Time

Forget escaping the threats of the Underworld. This time, the stakes are cosmic. As Supergiant wrote:

“Chronos, the Titan of Time and the wicked father of Hades and his brothers, has escaped his imprisonment in the depths of the Underworld to wage war on Olympus. Can Time itself be stopped?”

Melinoë is driven by a sense of duty and a personal connection to this conflict. She is encouraged to embark on a thrilling journey to stop Chronos.

This sets the mood for chaotic Greek mythology with Supergiant’s own narrative twist to it. It promises to encounter both known and unknown deities, heroes and mythical creatures.

Beyond Underworld

The original Hades kept players confined to the depths of the underworld. However, Hades 2 seems like it will expand the biomes. Gamers can expect to explore diverse biomes beyond the familiar House of Hades.

It seems like the Hades 2 will have a lot of biomes with luscious forest, scorching deserts and even celestial realms may lie ahead. Each area will have their own enemies, hazards and boss. Hopefully, new biomes will also give us new gameplay mechanics and narrative depth.

Evolving the Roguelike Formula

Supergiant remains committed to the roguelike genre, but Hades 2 promises to refine and iterate upon the established formula. Melinoë’s combat style will introduce new strategic possibilities. Players will be encouraged to master Melinoë’s agile spells and crowd control abilities.

The Olympian boons will most likely be adapted to fit her playstyle, offering exciting new combinations and synergies. However, expect the familiar cycle of death and rebirth.

A Legacy of Storytelling

Supergiant never failed to present their community with a masterpiece. It is safe to expect that Hades 2 will have in-depth character interactions. Maybe we will find more secrets and insights about the Greek gods. Gamers can also expect branching storylines and impactful choices to return. Melinoë’s journey promises to explore themes of family, legacy, and defying fate, all set against a vast unfolding myth.

What Can Gamers Expect from Early Access?

The early access will enable players to purchase and play a work-in-progress version of Hades 2. The players can also contribute by giving feedback to elevate the experience for everyone else.

Supergiant also mentioned that they will have major updates following their early access launch, adding the rest of the game’s main content and refining it more. According to them, the story will continue to expand with every new update. In the end, all the updates will culminate in the V1.0 launch. Supergiant also said that:

“Even though Early Access inherently means a game is not yet complete, we still want to do everything we can to make sure Hades II is worth your while as soon as you can play it in any capacity.”


While mysteries and speculation shadow Hades 2, the glimpse offered by the Early Access launch promises an adventure filled with innovation. Hades 2 glimmers with the promise of epic encounters, choices, and the chance to rewrite fate.

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