Descending into Elden Ring: Shadow of The Erdtree DLC Trailer


The upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring is on June 21st, 2024. Excitement runs high for what secrets the Land of Shadows holds.

Bandai Namco dropped the trailer on February 21, 2024. Ever since then, Soulsborne enthusiasts and Elden Ring fans have come up with various theories about the DLC.

The Erdtree’s shadow stretches long, and soon, it will encompass a whole new realm for Tarnished adventurers to explore. This expansion promises a new map and a deeper delve into the game’s lore, challenging boss encounters, and many exciting rewards.

A Realm Beyond the Golden Order

The trailer opens with a desolate landscape bathed in an eerie twilight. The twisted branches of a gnarled corrupted Erdtree pierce the sky. A sickly crimson color replaces Erdtree’s golden leaves. The stark contrast to the Lands Between sets the tone. The Land of Shadows is untouched by the Golden Order’s influence. It is a place where darkness reigns.

“Those stripped of the grace of gold shall all meet death”

This cryptic message suggests a duality within the Land of Shadows. While some seek refuge in the Erdtree’s power, others succumb to its darkness.

Entering the Land of Shadows

Unlike previous Elden Ring areas, the Land of Shadows exists on a physically separate map. According to many speculations, the area might be accessible through cryptical means rather than a seamless transition.

The isolation fuels an aura of intrigue, suggesting the new area is untouched by the Golden Order’s influence. Moreover, the rumors point to an entrance within the Moghwyn Palace.

Later on, the rumors have been confirmed through IGN’s interview with Miyazaki. Moreover, a line from the trailer also reveals the entry point will be the enigmatic cocoon.

“Come, now. Touch the withered arm and travel to the realm of shadow.”

Could Miquella be the key to navigating the Land of Shadows’ treacherous landscape? His presence suggests a potential guide through this hidden realm, offering cryptic clues and hidden paths.

All the New Bosses From the DLC

The giant burning cauldron was the first boss to catch every gamer’s attention. It looked like the Fire Giant but made of metal. It also seemed like the cauldron had burning coal inside. Dodging the burning AoE stomp is going to take several trial and error.

We get another glimpse of a new boss before we can absorb the horror of the giant burning brazier. The boss has the head of a lion that closely resembles Serosh. It is still unclear whether this mutated lion-like creature is related to Godfrey.

Next, we can see one of the most elegant bosses in the trailer. This character is wielding two curved swords and fighting the tarnished in an open field with a blue glow. The entire scene looked majestic, which reminded many Soulsborne gamers of Sekiro.

Moreover, we have to acknowledge that Form software is outstanding when it comes to absolutely creating some eldritch horror. We can see in the trailer there is a massive hippo-like creature that suddenly transforms to have porcupine-like spikes. It is already quite evident that it will be annoying to fight this boss.

Lastly, the star of the show Messmer the Impaler. He is one of the few bosses whose name was exclusively mentioned in the trailer. He got the most screen time out of all the bosses. It would be safe to assume that many gamers will die to him countless times. Maybe he is the next Malenia of Elden Ring.

His imposing stature and menacing demeanor instantly establish him as a major antagonist, promising epic clashes for Tarnished adventurers. Could Messmer be a corrupted version of Miquella, warped by the Land of Shadows’ darkness? Alternatively, Messmer could simply share a bloodline or lineage with Miquella, explaining their similar appearances without direct connection. However, these questions can only be answered when the DLC is released in June.


The Land of Shadows DLC trailer depicts a perilous yet captivating realm ripe for exploration and conquest. The DLC represents a significant expansion for Elden Ring, offering a new map and a deeper exploration of the game’s world and lore. The shadows hold secrets, dangers, and perhaps even a path to a new destiny.

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