Diablo 4’s New Update Causes Some Chaos


Diablo 4 is Blizzard’s newest installment in the long running dungeon crawler series, it received praising reviews from critics such as IGN giving it a 9/10 and it garnered an 86% on Metacritic.

The game visually looks amazing, the rain, the illumination on the surrounding architectures or open environments it’s all flawless. But at the very core it is undoubtedly still Diablo, the bloody dungeons, corpses piled high, ruined chapels and the overall dark tone sends a clear message to the player about its narrative and blurs what could be lurking beyond the next corner.

Going Full Limitless with Masterworking

Masterworking was a feature introduced in season 4 which would act as the endgame progression for veteran players. It would increase the bonuses received from Ancestral Legendary or Ancestral Unique items with each item being able to be masterworked for a total of 12 times.

How did the Update Messed up?

This newest update as confirmed by Blizzard temporarily disables Masterworking as it was reported that the amount of in-game gold required to Masterwork any item was too much. The purpose of this update was to address this huge requirement, reducing the costs by 75% for masterworking but as it stands some unforeseen issue occurred due to which the Masterwork system has been disabled.

Some players have also reported frustrating bugs that have shown themselves such as with their horses showing bugs that were supposedly addressed back in season 1.However the community manager has confirmed that the developers are working on a hotfix to address this issue with the Masterwork and address the minor bugs that players have reported.

What else the update brings

The update addresses a lot of changes to items, a host of bug fixes and UI improvement and Game Updates listed below, the rest can be found from wowhead.com:

Game Updates

  • The Enchanting window now explicitly informs you that you can’t re-roll into a Greater Affix.
  • Hellborne enemies in Helltide now deal additional fire damage with their attacks.
  • Masterworking materials can now be directly transmuted instead of requiring the opening of a Materials Cache to receive them.
  • Once Masterworking is unlocked by one character, it is now always accessible on all characters across realms.
  • The Gold cost of Masterworking has been reduced. Examples:
    • Ranks 1-4: Unchanged
    • Rank 5: reduced from 450,000 to 400,000
    • Rank 8: reduced from 1,000,000 to 800,000
    • Rank 12: reduced from 10,000,000 to 2,500,000
  • The Armor cap is now displayed in the tooltip when hovering over Armor in character stats.
  • The surge damage from Sorcerer’s Charged Bolts
  • Enhanced Charged Bolts have been increased from 30% to 45%.
  • The drop rates for Scattered Prism have been increased from multiple sources.
    • Treasure goblins now drop Scattered Prism
      • Scattered Prism
      • s more often.
      • 15% Chance in World Tiers I and II
      • 25% Chance in World Tier III
      • 30% Chance in World Tier IV
  • World Bosses now always drop Scattered Prism and the amount they drop increases by World Tier.
    • World Tiers I and II: 1 Scattered Prism
    • World Tier III: 2 Scattered Prism
    • World Tier IV: 3 Scattered Prism
  • The Butcher will always drop a Scattered Prism on defeat.
  • Reworked item stat comparisons to be more intuitive when the same stat appears on an item multiple times, which most often occurs with tempered items.
  • The Whisper bounty requirements for defeating Hellborne have been reduced from defeating 3 to defeating 1.

The Conclusion

This is a temporary setback for veteran players of the game as they cannot enhance their gear for sometime but a hotfix is already underway to address this issue, other than that the update does address alot of known bugs, improve the UI and makes some changes that is sure to enhance the experience for old and new players alike as season 4 has made Diablo 4 break its old peak milestone on the number of players joining the grind.

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