Discover Jack Mason’s New Watches: Strat-o-timer & Hydrotimer


Are you in the market for a new watch that no longer most effective seems fashionable however additionally offers pinnacle-notch performance? Look no in addition than Jack Mason’s today’s releases – the Strat-o-timer and the Hydrotimer. These two timepieces aren’t just watches; they may be a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and fashion. Let’s delve deeper into what makes those watches stand proud of the crowd.


Jack Mason has all over again raised the bar inside the world of horology with its modern-day services – the Strat-o-timer and Hydrotimer. These  watches aren’t just accessories; they are a mix of fashion, capability, and innovation that caters to both watch fans and everyday users alike.

The Case

Elegance Meets Functionality

The case of each the Strat-o-timer and Hydrotimer boasts a diameter of 40mm, with a lug-to-lug of 47mm, and a thickness of 13mm. What’s amazing is that no matter the addition of different headaches, Jack Mason has maintained these dimensions, making sure a graceful and comfortable healthy on the wrist.

The Dials

Classic vs. Contemporary

While the Strat-o-timer embraces a conventional aesthetic with square implemented hour markers and baton-style palms, the Hydrotimer opts for a cleanser, greater present day dial format with circular carried out markers and smooth fingers. Each layout caters to distinctive possibilities, making sure there’s some thing for every body.

The Straps

Versatility and Comfort

Whether you choose a Jubilee-style bracelet or a rubber strap, Jack Mason has you included. The Strat-o-timer comes with a seven-link Jubilee-fashion bracelet, even as the Hydrotimer gives various alternatives, consisting of a 3-link bracelet, seven-hyperlink bracelet, or a rubber strap. Plus, the tool-less micro-adjust clasp guarantees a comfortable match all day long.

The Movement

Precision and Performance

Equipped with the Miyota 9075 “genuine” GMT calibre, the Strat-o-timer guarantees correct timekeeping no matter wherein you’re within the global. On the opposite hand, the Hydrotimer boasts the premium Miyota 9039 calibre, providing reliable performance even in the hardest situations. Plus, with in-house law, each watches offer surprising accuracy of  /- 5 seconds per day.

The Backstory

Watches for Every Wrist

Since its inception in 2015, Jack Mason has been committed to presenting notable timepieces that cater to enthusiasts of all ranges. With a mix of in-residence designs and smart Japanese moves, every watch is meticulously crafted to ensure it unearths its way onto the right wrist.

The Gist

Why Choose the Hydrotimer three hundred?

Designed for realistic each day put on, the Hydrotimer three hundred boasts a scratch-resistant coating, robust construction, and American assembly. It’s a flexible timepiece that seamlessly transitions from the office to out of doors adventures, all while celebrating Jack Mason’s Texan heritage.


A Glimpse into the Future

As Jack Mason keeps to redefine its brand, the Hydrotimer three hundred sets the level for a set of interesting releases. With a focus on innovation, style, and high-quality, those upcoming releases are sure to cement Jack Mason’s role as a leader in the global of horology.

Pricing and Availability

Your Next Iconic Timepiece

While the Strat-o-timer is presently unavailable for order, it’s set to make a comeback in 2023. On the other hand, the Hydrotimer is available for pre-order in four coloration editions and is anticipated to ship in Q3 of 2023. Prices variety from A$1,360 to A$1,513, depending at the strap alternative.


In end, Jack Mason’s latest releases – the Strat-o-timer and Hydrotimer – aren’t just watches; they are a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and fashion. Whether you’re a pro collector or a informal fanatic, these timepieces provide some thing for all people.

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1. Can I swap the bracelets among the Strat-o-timer and Hydrotimer?

Yes, the chrome steel bracelets are interchangeable among the 2 fashions, providing added versatility.

2. What sets the Hydrotimer other than different dive watches?

The Hydrotimer stands out for its scratch-resistant coating, strong construction, and flexible design, making it appropriate for each day wear.

3. Does Jack Mason offer a try-earlier than-you-buy software?

Yes, new customers can take advantage of an smooth ‘attempt-before-you-purchase’ software, allowing them to try up to two extraordinary watches at home for a chance-unfastened seven-day trial.

4. How correct are the actions in Jack Mason watches?

With in-residence regulation, Jack Mason watches provide spectacular accuracy of  /- 5 seconds per day, ensuring dependable timekeeping.

5. When can I anticipate new releases from Jack Mason?

Jack Mason is set to release a set of new releases in 2023, following the achievement of the Hydrotimer 300.

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