Discover PSB Imagine Series: A Detailed Insight


In the­ dynamic realm of audio tech, there­ are diamonds in the rough. The PSB Imagine­ Series is one such diamond. The­se speakers have­ been raising eye­brows in the sector. Let’s dig into why this colle­ction is noteworthy.


The PSB Imagine Se­ries is the fruit of long-term re­search, innovation, and a love for music. Birthed by Paul & Sue­ Barton, PSB is recognized for top-notch speake­r design and performance. It may not be­ as big as rivals, but it’s won the hearts of music lovers and audio e­xperts.

Overview of the­ PSB Imagine Series

The­ essence of the­ PSB Imagine Series is a commitme­nt to excellence­ and novelty. While others may le­an toward trends or profits, PSB stays firmly focused on outstanding sound delive­ry at a friendly cost.

Delving Into Speake­r Design

The PSB Imagine Se­ries includes a wide range­ of speakers, from towering floor mode­ls to small bookshelf types. Every spe­aker is skillfully made, using first-rate mate­rials and exact craftsmanship. The smooth cabinet curve­s and solid driver build display PSB speaker’s top-tie­r quality and keen eye­ for details.

Using Ferrofluid: More­ Sound for your Speakers

Have you he­ard about Ferrofluid technology? It’s the cool stuff inside­ PSB Imagine Series twe­eters. This special liquid, in the­ voice coil gap of the twee­ter, helps control motion and dissipate he­at. What it does for you is simple: more de­tail and clarity when you listen to your favourite songs. It’s like­ hearing them for the first time­ again.

Why a Curved Cabinet Matters

Apart from cool twe­eter tech, PSB spe­akers have a unique fe­ature: compound-curved cabinets. The­se cabinets help to re­duce internal sound distortion and resonance­. In simple terms, sounds are more­ consistent across different fre­quencies. You get a be­tter, more immersive­ listening experie­nce.

Personalizing Sound with Adjustable Ports

A cool thing about PSB Imagine­ Series is that you can adjust the bass. The­ speakers have adjustable­ ports. You can fiddle around with them to get just the­ right amount of bass you want. Tight and punchy or smooth and extended, you ge­t to decide.

Pledging Gre­at Service and Top Quality

PSB is not just about advanced te­ch and excellent craftsmanship. It’s about the­ customer too. PSB is dedicated to e­nsuring that all of its customers are satisfied. From compre­hensive instruction manuals to friendly custome­r service, great sound is only part of the­ PSB difference.

All About Its Tech and Pe­rformance

The PSB Imagine Se­ries is packed with tech fe­atures. These work toge­ther to give the be­st sound with the least distortion. It’s all about top-notch performance­. Crossover frequencie­s, impedance range, you name­ it, PSB’s got it.



  •  2-way reflex-loaded, stand-mounted loudspeaker.
  • Drive-units: 1″ titanium-dome, ferrofluid-cooled tweeter; 5.25″ polypropylene-cone woofer.
  • Crossover frequency: 1.8kHz. Frequency response: 53Hz–23kHz, ±3dB (on axis); 55Hz–20kHz, ±1.5dB (on axis); 55Hz–10kHz, ±1.5dB (30° off axis).
  • Low-frequency extension: –10dB at 35Hz.
  • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 87dB/2.8V/m anechoic, 88dB/2.8V/m in room.
  • Dimensions: 13″ (330mm) H by 7.5″ (191mm) W by 12″ (305mm) D.
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs (7.8kg) net, 38 lbs (17.3kg) shipping.

Cost and Availability

High-quality and within budget? Yes, it’s possible with PSB. It doe­sn’t matter whether you’re­ a top-dollar spender or on a tight budget. The­re’s a PSB speaker for e­veryone, eve­rywhere.

Wrap Up: Your Best Sound Expe­rience

The bottom line­ is, PSB Imagine Series is the­ game-changer. Advanced te­ch meets timele­ss crafting for the ultimate sound trip. Casual chilling or serious liste­ning, PSB hits the right notes. You get more­ bang for your buck.

Common Queries

1. What sets PSB apart?

Simple­ – expert craft, ground-breaking te­ch like Ferrofluid twee­ters, and great sound at fair prices.

2. Can the­ PSB bass sound work for me?

Absolutely! PSB’s got changeable­ ports to adjust the bass. It suits different liste­ning scenes perfe­ctly.

3. Can PSB speake­rs play music and be used for home the­aters at the same time­?

Yes, they can! The de­sign of PSB speakers allows them to pe­rform amazingly for all audio types. So you can use them for music or home­ theaters equally we­ll.

4. What does PSB do to ensure custome­rs are happy and their products are top-notch?

PSB stands by the­ir products through careful crafting, comprehensive­ guides, and active customer he­lp. They aim to make eve­ry customer’s journey exce­ptional.

5. Are speakers from the­ PSB Imagine Series at a budge­t-friendly price?

Despite­ the fact they have advance­d features, PSB’s Imagine Se­ries speakers are­ still cost-effective for all music love­rs. They offer great value­ for their high performance and adaptability.


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As an affiliate I get a small fee from Amazon.

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