Discover the Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 – The Pinnacle of Audio Players


With the A&ultima series, Astell&Kern elevates perfect sound to the next level with the most advanced innovative technology. The A&ultima SP3000 is their newest flagship product, standing for the best essence learned and crafted in approximately the last 10+ years of digital music processing.

A&ultima SP3000 is the world’s first DAP with independent Dual Audio Circuitry and the latest DAC with HEXA-Audio Circuitry structure. It adopts all audio technologies and the best materials so that you may feel the overwhelming impact of sound and music.

Experience perfection firsthand with the true next-generation flagship, A&ultima SP3000, the top model of audio players.

A New Standard in Audio Quality.

What does it feel like for a sound to be at its most pure? That is what A&ultima SP3000 will give you: it’s not just about listening to music, but about feeling every beat, note, and emotion which an artist has put into it. It’s the device designed to ensure the ultimate in audio performance, therefore the ultimate for audiophiles.

Material Selection: Unique Use of Stainless Steel 904L

First, one is struck by the body that is made out of Stainless Steel 904L in the A&ultima SP3000. But what’s the big deal? The 904L steel has very high standards set for corrosion resistance and durability—more exactly, the same as in luxury watches. So your SP3000 is tough yet exudes quite a premium feel. Picture yourself holding a piece of finely crafted art that happens to deliver world-class sound.

Dual Audio Circuitry-The New Revolution

The A&ultima SP3000 is the world’s very first digital audio player with independent Dual Audio Circuitry. What does this translate to for you? Put simply, it means that the device can process an audio signal more efficiently to let out clearer and more dynamic sound. Think of it like two experts cooking for you in a kitchen, each specializing in a different part of your meal to make sure everything is cooked to perfection.

Isolation of Digital and Analog Signal Treatment

One very common problem with audio is signal interference. This mostly results in poor sound quality. The SP3000 gets right down to the heart of this particular problem, separating digital and analog signal processing for clearer and more precise sounds, without noise or jarring distortion—a conversation in a quiet room as opposed to a busy, noisy space.

Powerful Performance with Qualcomm Snapdragon 6125

The A&ultima SP3000 comes equipped with a high-performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 6125 Octa-Core CPU. This guarantees fluent operation when viewing your music library or streaming high-resolution audiο. One might say it packs the engine of a sports car under the hood—fast, powerful, and reliable.

User Interface: Simple and user-friendly.

The SP3000 user interface is the most intuitive ever. You will be able to navigate through your music like never before with its new graphic user interface displayed. The touchscreen is responsive, the layout user-friendly for flawless listening. You’ll feel like you have a personal assistant who knows exactly what you want and when.

Wireless audio excellence: aptX™-HD and LDAC support

Wireless audio has been more on the rise of late; hence, the SP3000 supports both aptX and LDAC for the greatest possible sound when wireless. Both technologies achieve higher bit rates and less compression; therefore, music will sound as good as it would via a wired connection. At your fingertips would be the freedom of wireless with the quality of wired audio—this device gives you both worlds at their finest.

Portability Meets Luxury

Equipped with advanced features and rugged construction, the SP3000 is designed to be carried anywhere. Sleek design makes it easy to carry, while luxurious material used in construction ensures that it isn’t some ugly piece of technology but a statement in style. It feels like carrying a brick of luxury in one’s pocket.

What Sets the A&ultima SP3000 Apart

What sets the A&ultima SP3000 apart in this busy marketplace of audio players? It is through the fusion of innovative technology, quality materials, and good design that brings every element in a device made to give ample sound for any user. Be it the casual audiophile or the hardcore audiophile, there’s something thrown in for everybody in the SP3000.


The A&ultima SP3000 is much more than a digital audio player; it is the pinnacle of excellence regarding audio technology from Astell&Kern. From its unique dual audio circuitry down to the luxurious stainless steel body, every single detail has been made to let them create perfection. If you desire to be given the ultimate listening experience, then the SP3000 is taking you to another dimension right inside the comfort zone of your space.

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Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000
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