Discover the Ultimate Audio Experience with the SAMSUNG Q990D 11.1.4ch Soundbar


Think of changing your living room into a cinema like audio feel. Not only from the sound, but the Samsung Q990D 11. 1. 4ch Soundbar makes you feel the program or movie you are enjoying is alive. The primary function of this soundbar is to engulf you into the ocean of sound, every movie, game, and song becomes an event. Now let’s detail it as to why this soundbar is a game-changer.

Introduction to the SAMSUNG Q990D

The SAMSUNG Q990D is not just a soundbar, but it is much more than that, or so it seeks to be. Whether you are a movie lover, a gamer or even like to listen to your music through streaming services, this soundbar guarantees to up your audio experience with its unique contemporary features and design.

 Q-Symphony: Beethoven in Your Own Living Room

Connect your Samsung TV with the SAMSUNG Q990D and open new possibilities with the champion bass sound utilizing Q-Symphony. This feature synchronizes the performance of your TV and sound bar speakers so that they can perfectly manage all the audio channels. Just imagine this is a perfect coordination, every instrument is played to make the complete harmony.

 11. 1. 4 CH. True Dolby Atmos Sound

Experience sound all around with 11 front firing speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 4 up firing channels. The included rear speaker kit is a guarantee the user will get a complete home theatre system as soon as they unpack the speakers. This configuration ensures genuine Dolby Atmos in which you get the feeling that you are actually in the middle of the action.

Wireless Dolby Atmos: Freedom from Cables

Today, a world of purposes tangled in the media HDMI cables. Automating the Wireless Dolby Atmos provides the chance had high-quality audio without wires being in the manner all the time. This feature is not only entertaining but it also means that your living room and, in general, your house, will always be tidy.

Up/Side Firing Rear Speaker Kit

The up/side firing rear speaker kit directs your ceiling and walls to present multiple layers of sound. He has also positioned speakers in a way that you are able to listen to clean sound from whichever corner of the house as if the sound is surrounding you.

Smart Integration for a Connected Home

Incidentally, the SAMSUNG Q990D is compatible with your preferred voice assistant and smart services. Works with Alexa, Chromecast, Air play 2 and many more with which you can control your soundbar as well as your devices. That is why making Alexa play a song, or Chromecast a podcast is that easy!

 SpaceFit Sound Pro: Sound notepaper

Each room is unique and with the help of SpaceFit Sound Pro in every room the sound is adjusted to perfectly fit in each of them. The soundbar actively adapts to the surroundings and optimizes the audio to ensure that the sound emerging from it is clean and meaningful.

 Intelligent Amplification for Crisp Speech

Sick of not being able to remember the line deliveries in a performance? Among the options, the Adaptive Sound feature has a meaningful objective of adjusting the sound and making voices easily understandable even when the volume of the content is low. That describes scenes in real-time and extracts the loudest/essential audio to ensure the dialogue is clear and audible.

Game Mode Pro: For the Gamers

Gamers, rejoice! The feature called the Game Mode Pro regulates the position of the speakers that are located on an upward trajectory, an acoustic beam, as well as pallets that have powerful woofers and delivers an optimal 3D sound that enriches the game. This TV soundbar connects to the TV to power on Game Mode Pro at the same time you don’t have to switch it manually.

Active Voice Analyzer: Never Miss a Word

The Active Voice Analyzer (AVA) helps to avoid such a situation as a conversation and comments do not go unnoticed by background voices. It reduces room noise and fine tunes voices on-screen making movies, TV shows and sports more enjoyable.

 Tap Sound: On-Spot Music Streaming

Listening to music that is stored on your phone with the use of your soundbar is smooth and hassle free. The Tap Sound is another feature that enables you to tap your phone on the soundbar and your music begins to play immediately. That mirror magic you see, is all about mirroring.


The SAMSUNG Q990D 11. 1. 4ch Soundbar is a device of high sound capabilities that helps to turn your home environment into a sphere of impressive sound. When it comes to watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, this soundbar provides the best quality experience and simplification. Other features like Q-Symphony, Wireless Dolby Atmos, and Adaptive Sound make very sure that any audio need that may be required is done to perfection.

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SAMSUNG Q990D 11.1.4ch Soundbar
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