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Everyone dreams of having cinema like environment right within their compounds or at least within their homes. The Samsung 85-Inch Class QLED is much more than an informative device; it is a revolutionizer. These enhancements are made in every sector to give you a better experience of the shows and the movies, which this TV promises to deliver in the best way possible. So, have a look at what might be interesting things in this world of this technological wonder that might be useful for you and your home.

 Infinity Air Design

When you first lay eyes on the Samsung 85-Inch Class QLED, you’ll notice something striking: On a complete opposite, the screen seems to have no end to it. This is due to Infinity Air Design, which as the name suggests reduces the bezel around the screen. Thus, the barely-there shape works to keep attention away from the frame and on the content. The culture and life of people who live in the countries are depicted in a way that makes it seem like the spectator is looking at the movie through a window.

  Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro.

The Neo Quantum HDR 8K Pro feature puts your viewing to a whole new level of contrast and color range. This simply implies that the bright colors are even brighter and the dark ones are even darker giving a remarkably clear picture. It is like each and every pixel is so real and alive, you can easily see the detail of each frame shot. Even if you are watching some National Geographic channel or a high octane action movie, the exclusiveness of the visuals is simply stunning.

Real 8K Resolution with AI Upscaling Pro

Real 8K Resolution with AI Upscaling Pro is one of this TV’s main strengths. This technology assures you confirm to the clearest picture possible. With 512 Audio-Visual neural networks, the TV enhances the image quality as one watches, to 4X the 4K standard. This is equivalent to having a new television every time one switch it on. There is a kind of density with these shots and mastering a sense of focus and placement that really puts the viewer in the movie.

AI Motion Enhancer Pro

Bearing this in mind enjoying football matches or action movies has never been easier. For instance, the AI Motion Enhancer Pro ensures that all the movement scenes on screen are made to look as perfect as can be. This means no more losing dramatic scenes because your favorite team’s logo is moving across the screen or because the subtitles are not clear. It is as if a person is appointed to oversee that one does not miss a thing.

Dolby Atmos & Object Tracking Sound Pro

Audio is an equally important part of the experience as the graphic when it comes to providing the audience with an experience. The Dolby Atmos & Object Tracking Sound Pro makes you do not only hear, but also experienced the scene. The integrated Dolby Atmos sound system and AI tracking sound make it have superb three-dimensional sound, which occupies all corners of the space. That must seem similar to standing in the middle of a rock concert, or in the middle of the action in a decisive scene of a film.

 Real Depth Enhancer Pro

There are some add-ons which can be installed on your device and among them, there is the Real Depth Enhancer Pro which makes one feel like he or she is in some depth and dimension on the screen. This feature locates the point that should be in focus in a frame and changes the focus of the picture as needed; it also enhances the image to make it seem real. It is more similar to, for example, a window, in which the displayed scene changes depending on where you look, giving you the depth view.

 NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor

Epitomizing this TV is the NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor. This awesome processor improves all the functions of the TV, including picture and sound quality. This has come accompanied with features such as detail, depth, shading, and textures that are almost similar to those of a theater. It is as if there is a little supercomputer just for the sole purpose of providing me with a spectator quality broadcast.

Wristwatch form factor 1:00 Mini LED/Laser Matrix Display Quantum Matrix Pro

It combines the Light & Motion Quantum Matrix Pro with their Super Lightweight Mini LEDs that make one appreciate every detail in the severest dark or the brightest lights. This quantum leap gives it 1. 5 times of lighting zones than the conventional Quantum Matrix technology for that added detail and accuracy. It is like having your own orchestra that tunes up in such a way that is perfect for every scene, day or night.

 Motion Xcelerator 240Hz

Indeed, its design attracts the eyes for gamers and fast-paced contents lovers, the Motion Xcelerator 240Hz is the ultimate ambition. This feature results in fluid movement where there is hardly any delay or judder and continuous movement with clear visuals rendered at the highest possible frame rates. It is like having a new saloon car that would man oeuvre through every bend with precised ease.

 Auto HDR Remastering

Auto HDR Remastering helps in enhancing your viewing by using AI-based algorithms to inject HDR into your 4K content with brighter highlight and finer details. It can be likened to a master painter painting over each scene so that it attains the best look. This gives you a warranty that everything that is not 8K is also going to look great on your 8K resolution screen.


A far more than just the Television: Samsung 85-Inch Class QLED delivers an experience that is different on each occasion. Starting from Infinity Air Design up to the turn on its AI and sound quality, this TV is a must-have for an enticing movie night. Here is a pass time for all the lovers of Cinema, sports, and the gaming lobby this TV will take your home entertainment to the next level.

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Samsung's 85-Inch QLED.
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