Dive into the price list: the Mercedes-Benz EQT

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The current Mercedes-Benz Citan is also available in a passenger version, but in the Netherlands, it will exclusively be introduced as the electric Mercedes-Benz EQT. The model is now open for orders, and we delve into the pricing details.

In Europe, the once lively MPV segment is nearly extinct, particularly in terms of new sales. Some brands, however, persist, often aided by the fact that their MPV is derived from a commercial vehicle. Utilizing an existing model as a foundation, it requires minimal effort to add extra windows and a rear seat. This is the case with the upcoming passenger version of the Mercedes-Benz Citan. The nomenclature varies based on the version, with the more basic models designed for compact passenger transport referred to as Citan Tourer. The upscale, privately-oriented variants are named T-Class for fuel models or Mercedes-Benz EQT for the electric version, with only the latter arriving in the Netherlands.


Currently, Mercedes-Benz offers only one engine variant for the EQT, the Mercedes-Benz EQT 200, boasting 90 kW (122 hp) power and a substantial 278 Nm torque. The 48 kWh battery pack, with 45 kWh usable, provides a range of 278 km (WLTP). Remarkably, the EQT can accommodate up to seven passengers, a rarity among electric cars, except for large SUVs. Depending on the seating arrangement, the luggage capacity ranges from 551 to 1,979 liters. The towbar can handle 1,500 kg, a notable feature for an electric vehicle.


The Mercedes-Benz EQT is available in three variants: the basic model Advanced Plus, the Premium, and the Premium Plus. Prices, excluding VAT and BPM (which is not applicable to electric cars), start at 39,456 euros, 41,305 euros, and 42,812 euros, respectively, for gray license plates. For regular ‘yellow license plates,’ the starting prices are 47,753 euros, 49,979 euros, and 51,803 euros, respectively.


The Basic model Advanced Plus includes features like 16-inch alloys, halogen headlights, rear privacy glass, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a 7-inch touchscreen for infotainment, and basic safety and assistance systems. The Premium version adds enhancements, such as 16-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, a wireless smartphone charger, and extra parking assistants. The Premium Plus version further includes a 17-inch alloy, a dashboard partly covered with artificial leather, and navigation with live traffic information.


The standard body color is pure white, with additional color options available for a fee. Interior options include a black-gray combination of artificial leather and microfiber fabric, with an option for an all-black artificial leather interior.


Optional packages include the navigation package and the winter package. Individual options encompass LED fog lights. Various other options are available, such as roof racks, towbar preparation, towbar, charging cable, Keyless Go, and the Navigation Plus package.


After selecting options, the assembled Mercedes-Benz EQT comes to 43,422 euros with a gray license plate and 52,541 euros with a ‘yellow license plate.’ Despite the preference for SUVs in this price range, it’s refreshing to see brands continuing to offer practical and fully equipped MPVs.

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