Dive into the price list: this is what the new Mini Cooper costs

Dive into the price list: this is what the new Mini Cooper costs

The Mini Cooper is available in two main variants, E and SE. The Cooper E boasts 135 kW (184 hp) power, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds, and has a WLTP range of 293 to 305 km. Meanwhile, the Cooper SE, equipped with a larger battery, features 160 kW (218 hp), accelerates in 6.7 seconds, and offers a WLTP range of 377 to 402 km. Both versions come in Essential, Classic, Favored, and John Cooper Works equipment levels. While the latter is currently just a decorative package, the range starts with the Mini Cooper E Essential at €35,990, with the top-tier Mini Cooper SE John Cooper Works priced at a minimum of €47,640.

Standard features for the Mini Cooper include 16-inch alloy wheels, full LED lighting, a 24-centimeter round OLED screen for infotainment, navigation, smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), cruise control, and essential safety and assistance systems.

Opting for the Classic version, we avoid the basic Essential and the purely decorative John Cooper Works. Priced at €46,140, the Cooper SE Classic offers a more luxurious design with features like 17-inch alloy wheels, upgraded LED lighting, and interior enhancements.

When it comes to exterior choices, the Mini Cooper is initially available in ‘primer gray,’ but alternative colors, including white, black, dark blue, dark red, and bright yellow (non-metallic), are offered at no extra cost. Roof and mirror cap colors are customizable, with a choice between body color, white, or black.

While the standard 17-inch wheels can be upgraded to 18-inch ones for an additional cost of €900, we decide to stick with the standard wheels due to their appealing design and lower surcharge.

For interior decoration, the chosen Mini Cooper Classic comes with standard Vescin artificial leather in light gray with blue fabric accents, with the option to switch to black artificial leather at no extra cost.

The options list includes two packages: Package M (€4,550) and Package XL (€8,300). Opting for Package M, which already includes the cost in the starting price, adds features like an alarm system, dimming mirrors, a head-up display, Comfort Access, a wireless smartphone charger, heated front seats, extra tinted rear windows, Mini Experience Modes, and a panoramic roof.

Package XL, at an additional cost of €3,750, introduces electrically adjustable front seats, a driver’s seat with a massage function, a HiFi Harman Kardon audio system, navigation with augmented reality directions, an interior camera, a Personal eSIM, and more parking and driving assistants. However, we prefer to stick with Package M for the essentials.

The only separate options relate to charging, ranging from €95 for an adapter cable to €2,040 for a complete private charging station with installation service. The Mini Charging Card is included with no starting fee for the first year.

Assembling the Mini Cooper SE Classic results in a final price tag of €47,040, a reasonable cost considering the included features and customization options.

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