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The Ecovacs X2 Combo is one of the most notable announcements from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, which once again wowed tech aficionados with ground-breaking inventions. The much-praised Deebot X2 Omni robot vacuum from Ecovacs, a pioneer in the field of robotic cleaning equipment, has reached new heights thanks to its integration with a handheld vacuum. The end product is a thorough cleaning solution for the home that offers effectiveness and adaptability. Let’s examine this ground-breaking product’s characteristics in more detail.

The Deebot X2 Bundle: Advancing Residential Cleaning

Building on the popularity of its predecessor, the Deebot X2 Omni robot vacuum, is the Deebot X2 Combo. The robot vacuum maintains its strong 8000Pa suction capacity and has a new square shape for better edge cleaning. It provides a smooth cleaning experience for both hardwood floors and carpets. Most notably, the X2 Combo has the handy mop option for hardwood floors, guaranteeing a comprehensive and multipurpose cleaning procedure.

Creative Base Features

At first glance, the X2 Combo’s base seems familiar because it has hot-water cleaning features that keep the robot mop pads fresh. The base’s enhanced ability to charge and empty the included portable vacuum is a notable feature, though. The user experience is improved by this streamlined functionality, which also makes cleaning easier and more efficient overall.

Two Alternatives for Tailored Cleaning

There are two versions of the X2 Combo available: one with a freestanding handheld vacuum and the other with a handheld stick vacuum. The robot vacuum’s potent 8000Pa suction strength is shared by both versions, guaranteeing reliable performance from all cleaning parts. Customers are free to select the configuration that best meets their demands for cleaning.

Substance Assistance for Future-Ready Networking

Ecovacs has promised to provide Matter support for the X2 Combo as soon as certification is made available, a gesture towards future technological standards. By providing a layer of connectivity and control, this innovative method guarantees that consumers can easily incorporate the X2 Combo into their smart home ecosystems.

Presenting Winbot W2 Omni: A Reimagined Robotic Window Cleaning System

The Winbot W2 Omni robotic window cleaner is another amazing product that Ecovacs introduced at CES 2024 in addition to the X2 Combo. This cutting-edge window cleaning method consists of a ground-based station and a robot that is hooked to a cord and is meant to stick to windows. The robot moves over damp regions and sprays glass using a three-nozzle system, making windows drip-free and immaculate.

Variability in Methods of Cleaning

To meet varying cleaning needs, the Winbot W2 Omni provides consumers with a variety of cleaning modes. While the Deep mode guarantees comprehensive edge-to-edge cleaning, the Fast mode is perfect for rapid daily cleaning. Users can customize the robot’s focus using the Custom mode, while the Spot mode targets specific trouble areas. According to Ecovacs, the Winbot is a flexible addition to any house, fitting well for both large and small windows.

Ideal for Tough-to-Reach Areas

The Winbot W2 Omni’s cord-attached design makes it ideal for cleaning shower glass and other difficult-to-reach areas in addition to huge windows. It is a practical option for homeowners looking for a creative way to clean their windows because of its small size and strong construction.

Ecovacs Is Still Inventing

Although Ecovacs is most known for their robot vacuums, the business expanded its product line at CES 2024. Ecovacs demonstrated their dedication to producing a wide range of robotic devices for contemporary households with the introduction of the Goat GX 600 Robot Lawn Mower and the Airbot Z2 air purifier, in addition to the X2 Combo and Winbot W2 Omni.


At CES 2024, the Ecovacs X2 Combo and Winbot W2 Omni stole the show as the pinnacles of innovative home cleaning technology. The Winbot W2 Omni’s cutting-edge technologies reinvent window cleaning, while the Deebot X2 Omni robot vacuum’s integration of a handheld vacuum provides users with a comprehensive cleaning solution. Customers can anticipate a time in the future when smart, effective technologies will effortlessly handle domestic duties as Ecovacs continues to push the envelope in robotic cleaning. A new era of convenient home cleaning is about to begin with the release of these fascinating items, so stay tuned for more information.

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